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How to Transfer Money from Amazon Gift Card to PayPal

July 4, 2019


How to Transfer Money from Amazon Gift Card to PayPal

Amazon and Paypal happen to be two of the best companies in their respective niches and have provided a great deal of feasibility for their customers. However, despite being the ‘giants’, both of the businesses do not offer any joint functionality where users could redeem their Amazon gift cards to get Paypal balance.

How does CoinCola fit into the situation?

CoinCola features the best OTC Bitcoin trading platform and enables people to trade Bitcoin with virtually all kinds of gift cards, but the steps allow you to take an indirect approach. Firstly, by using our platform, you need to redeem the gift card by selling it for an amount of BTCs. Now that you own some Bitcoins, you have two options:

  1.       Invest in BTCs: just leave the coins in our secure wallet and wait for the time when the prices increases
  2.       Convert the BTC to USD: by trading and then withdrawing your balance to Paypal account

The process is quite simple:

  1.       Sign up on CoinCola
  2.       After all the verifications and authentications are done, you can proceed to sign in
  3.       In the top navigation menu, select ‘Gift card trade’
  4.       From the first dropdown, select ‘BUY BTC’
  5.       From the gift card dropdown, select ‘Amazon gift card
  6.       A list view will be populated on the page and you can select the seller based on his rating, offer and payment mode
  7.       Hit ‘BUY BTC’
  8.       As soon as the trade is finalized, you will have the Bitcoins in your wallet
  9.       Visit the wallet section and you will be able to see an  amount of USD in your wallet as well
  10. Now just by repeating the above steps, you have to execute a trade for BTCs with a buyer who offers Paypal deposit so you can send him the coins while he transfers an equivalent amount of USD in your Paypal account

If you are worried about the availability of potential customers for selling your Amazon gift card, please note that there are hundreds of Chinese buyers on CoinCola who are always eager to buy these cards through indirect means. This is because Amazon geo-restricts its services and products. Therefore, if an indirect method is available, the Chinese are always eager to do the business and CoinCola offers great feasibility in that regard.

Our unique solution is a great advancement in the field of FinTech and we believe that the revolution brought by cryptocurrencies should not only be experienced by a handful. In fact, anyone, with any kind of monetary value should be able to take part. In order to do that, we have connected the two biggest companies on the internet. While Amazon allows people to establish their revenue streams, Paypal facilitates low-fee and efficient transactions that are required to conduct global business.

Since there is no official process which allows you to sell Amazon gift card for Paypal, it is very important to be careful while using 3rd party services. CoinCola brings you a robust, efficient and highly secure feasibility in this regard. Please be advised that we do not only deal in the top FIAT currencies only. In fact, let it be Nigeria’s Naira or any other 3rd would currency, CoinCola entertains customers from all backgrounds.

It should also be noted that unlike most of the 3rd party trading services, we offer competitive rates and low transaction charges as well, especially for larger orders. So, whether you plan to redeem one Amazon gift card with us or a hundred, the rates will be adjusted accordingly to offer the best prices. 

What’s even more exciting is that you do not have to change apps in any of the steps. It all happens within a few clicks, from a single interface. The purchase of BTC and then the withdrawal of USD to Paypal is a quick process that happens in a matter of seconds.

We also take pride in offering one of the best customer services, so if you ever get stuck or need assistance, you can always reach us and we will be happy to assist you.

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