Sell bitcoin on CoinCola, without trading fee !

Because of Gift card trading, many people do business on CoinCola. However, they don’t know they can also buy or sell bitcoin here. One more exciting thing! There is no trading fee for selling or buying bitcoin . All is free.

Sell bitcoin, Easy and Fast

Only 6 steps for you to sell bitcion.

  • Step 1.

Register or log in account with CoinCola. If you already have an account, skip it.

  • Step 2.

Ensure your bitcoin balance in your CoinCola OTC wallet matches the amount you want to trade. If there is no bitcoin balance in your CoinCola OTC wallet,click “Deposit”, you can transfer bitcoin from other wallet to CoinCola wallet. Also, you can buy bitcoin here.

  • Step 3.

Visit the CoinCola OTC page, choose country and click “Sell”. A list of vendors will then be displayed. Now you can choose one vendor to trade with him. Pay attention to their Trades, Rating and Price.

  • Step 4.

Click on the “Sell” button to view more information about the vendor and his offer. Pay attention to his trades and rating. Also, you will get the price, payment way and so on. If the terms of trade are not to your liking, go back to the previous page and choose another advertisement.

  • Step 5.

Start the trade. Type in the amount of bitcoin you want to sell, or enter how much money you want to sell. Click on “Sell now” button. Now the trade start, and your bitcoin will be moved from your CoinCola wallet to the trade escrow.

  • Step 6.

Receive payment and release bitcoin. When you are on trading, the buyer will send payment as the payment method of your chat negotiation. Once you receive the payment, you can click “Release BTC”. The bitcoin will be sent to buyer’s wallet and the trade complete.

If you don’t release your bitcoin before the allotted time, the trade will be automatically cancelled.

This is the whole process of selling bitcoin .


Now, you can trade on Coincola app:(download link: )

Also trade on CoinCola website :


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