How to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria

The lure of making money online has been the latest trend in Nigeria as many youths turn to this avenue as a source of livelihood. The economic recession which happened in 2015 was the turning point as the cost of living rose and several people lost their jobs.

Meanwhile, making money online involves different facets and one major way to maximize earnings is the use of social media platforms to promote services. One of the most popular platforms that are widely used in the country is Instagram.

Instagram is reportedly the third most popular social media platform behind Facebook and Twitter in Nigeria. Its popularity has led to several persons utilizing the platform to generate free publicity for their goods and services.

In this article, we would be highlighting some ways to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

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Promoting Products and Services

This is the most popular form of making money on Instagram as it is relatively easy to do.  You take the products or services of a particular business and promote it on Instagram. A typical example is a case whereby you meet the owner of an electronics shop and negotiate a bonus package based on the number of sales you can generate for him.

You take beautiful pictures of the electronics sold in the store and promote it on Instagram. Since the pictures are attractive, in no time, friends and acquaintances would begin to inquire about the product and you collect your commission after sales.

This is a risk-free way of making money on Instagram as you serve as the middle man receiving commission while bearing minimal risks. You can also promote your services using relevant hashtags for example if you are a graphic designer you can upload photos of your design with the hashtag graphic designer.

Clients that require graphic works would be able to see your profiles when they search Instagram with that hashtag.

Sell your Photographs

Since Instagram is an image-based social network, it is appropriate that you can showcase your best photographs on the platform for sale. Nigeria has unique tourist attraction areas and you can take pictures from these areas and advertise it to individuals or agencies that require such photographs.

To showcase such photos without the risk of it being stolen, it is important to add watermarks to such photographs. We also suggest that you follow relevant photography agencies and apply relevant hashtags to the photos in order to attract the right clients.

There are cases of photographs that are sold for thousands of naira on Instagram and this is one field that young Nigerians have begun to explore.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become one of the biggest sources of income for Nigerians on Instagram.  For those that don’t understand what affiliate marketing is, we would explain the process. With affiliate marketing, you promote a certain product or brand and get paid for every successful sale.

Unlike promoting products and services, affiliate marketing is different as the process is usually done online. There are tons of firms that have different affiliate programs that you can join.

With Instagram, affiliate marketing becomes more profitable as posting attractive images of products and services tends to bring more sales. However it is important to note that it is not just about posting beautiful images, you would need to use a good caption and hashtag for your photos to garner wide reach.

One of the affiliate programs we typically suggest to Nigerians is CoinCola affiliate program. The program which is operated by top crypto exchange, CoinCola, has attractive benefits for partners that register for the program.

Why Use CoinCola Affiliate Program?

CoinCola offers Nigerian affiliate partners 20% commission for every successful referral to its platform. This essentially means that you get a 20% bonus in trading if you can refer new customers to the platform and Instagram is a nice platform to use.

In addition, CoinCola referral program is structured in a way that partners have more perks to gain as referrals trade on the platform. CoinCola would reward you with a commission every time a referred client completes a trade.

In a worst case scenario that you have 100 followers on Instagram, if you are able to refer 30 of them you would be eligible to a sizeable commission.  You can also maximize your earnings by using correct captions, hashtags, and attractive photos.

All you need to do is to register on CoinCola  and register to be an affiliate partner.

It is important to take action by visiting the websites links that have been added to this article to begin earning on Instagram.


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