7 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria

May 7, 2019


7 Ways to Earn Money Online in Nigeria

Depending on where you go in Nigeria, finding a way to make money can be easy – or supremely difficult.

Fortunately, Nigeria is one of the better Internet-connected countries in Africa. There are at least 7 ways you can make money no matter where you happen to be – and in this article, we go over what these are, starting with…

1. Starting a YouTube or Instagram channel

In the modern digital economy, monetizing attention is straightforward. You can either get paid for ads and placements, or find a sponsor who will give you a monthly or annual retainer if you help advertise their products.

Granted, you have to be able to inform, entertain, or do both. However, if you can do either effectively – or if you already have a following – you’ll be able to make money online quickly.

2.Trading bitcoin

You’ve likely heard about cryptocurrencies: digital tokens or coins that people can use to store value, shop, and trade for fiat money (i.e. national currencies).

The cryptocurrency market is decentralized, meaning it has no central bank or government controlling it. As a result, there’s always demand for people who are willing to trade bitcoin online.

If you want to make money online hassle-free, without having to sell your time or physical products, this just may be the best choice for you.

If you do want to sell bitcoin, you may consider doing so through our platform: We have over 100,000 monthly transactions, no buyer fees, and an OTC seller fee of 0.7% for advertised trades. All of this makes us a superior place to trade BTC and other crypto.

3. Referral program

With affiliate marketing, you’re essentially selling other people’s products in exchange for a cut of the profits. Referral marketing isn’t all that different.

The main contrast is that here you’re referring new users to services. You aren’t trying to sell a one-off product; instead, you’re helping other people find apps and websites they’ll find valuable.

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Referral programs can be very lucrative. For example, our own website – CoinCola – pays our referral partners every time a user they brought in makes an OTC purchase. This makes it easy to earn a decent living so long as you can refer a few regular customers.

4. Create and sell websites

If you can’t or won’t make an Instagram or YouTube channel, you can create visual and text-based content – and put it up on websites. So long as you’re a skilled designer and/or marketer, you can then re-sell them for a profit.

Alternatively, you can sell your time as an expert via services like UpWork, creating websites from scratch in exchange for money.

5. Teaching via courses

Nowadays, websites like Udemy make it easy to cash in on your knowledge by letting you monetize video courses. Popular topics include blogging, web design, crypto trading, and others.

6. Sell hand-made items

Nigeria has an abundance of craftspeople who create all kinds of useful and beautiful items. Whether you’re one of them or not, you can either make or buy these – then re-sell them via websites like Etsy.

Creating a reputation and marketing yourself takes time, of course. Having said that, this can be a very lucrative strategy if you can just tap into what the market wants.

7. Affiliate marketing

This strategy works well as a standalone tactic or together with tip #1. It consists of using unique links to direct consumers to products, giving you a commission fee if they complete a purchase.

Affiliate commissions go from as little as 1% to 60-70%. Getting started can take a little while, but once you get some momentum, you can easily get a 3 or 4-digit income in a matter of months.

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