Installing, press the Home button to view

Please find the phone system settings after installation

Click "General" to find "Device Management"

Find the "NUR.AI.GAN,TOO" file and select Trust to use it

For Chinese mainland users

(tips:If APP cannot be opened , please uninstall and reinstall)

For overseas who has Apple ID users

User's guidance

1.How does the enterprise version app set trust?
After the download is successful, click on the app if "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" appears, you need to set up trust for the app.
The setup steps are: Settings - General - Description File and Device Management - NUR.AI.GAN,TOO - Trust "NUR.AI.GAN,TOO", then click on APP to use.
2.How do I get an overseas Apple ID?
You can go to a treasure to buy an overseas Apple ID and search for keywords, such as "Apple Hong Kong ID."
You can consult online customer service and have the opportunity to get overseas Apple ID for free.