Recieve Crypto Donations with CoinCola App

The world is getting more technological and crypto seems to be making the news frequently. It’s no doubt that digital money will gradually Replace the normal conventional money. bitcoin is currently used in almost every country in the world and these citizens use Bitcoin without the need for a central body or a third party.  this cross-border payment has increased the speed and ease of making transactions across borders with little or no fees.

Recently we also saw a very well-known NGO publicly saying that they have started accepting cryptocurrency,  this further proves that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the future of donations for charity.

When you enable your supporters, friends and families to make contributions online, you’re opening up a world of donation opportunities for them through currencies like #BTC, #ETH, #DASH, #BCH, #EOS, #XRP, #LTC, #USDT and  #GUSD.

Sending crypto for donations is very convenient, fast, and secure. Online donations are essential for successful nonprofit organizations. But in order to accept online gifts, you’ll need to select the right online donation tools for seamless cross border donations with great security.

3 Potential Benefits of Crypto Donations

  1. Transparency: each cryptocurrency transaction is unique and can easily be monitored on the blockchain. Which means that it is also easily tracked through the blockchain. this  transparency and public accountability increases donors’ confidence and encourages them to do more towards charity.
  2. High Availability: The decentralized nature of crypto nodes has made it very vaialibel 247 of the day. Bitcoin as an example has been running for 10 years non stop with no easy way of getting shut down. The high availability of crypto makes it very attractive for donations by donors.
  3. Digital agreements: with blockchain technology, it is easier to share and store digital data, and may also be used to ensure that important documents or contracts cannot be modified without the approval of all parties involved in the agreement.

How to use CoinCola app for receiving Donations

Step 1:

Open the CoinCola APP, click: APP Download

Step 2:

enter the page of  “Account”,and click “Login/Register”

Step 3:

Go to the login page and click on “Sign up” in the higher right corner.

Step 4:

Method 1:Sign up by phone 

After entering the registration page, follow the on-screen prompts to select the country code (for example, +NG for Nigeria), fill in your mobile number, click “Send” to get the SMS verification code, and enter the SMS verification code,then enter the password, check the consent, and click “Sign up”.

Method 2:Sign up by email

After entering the registration page, follow the on-screen prompts to select the country, fill in your email address, click “Send” to get the email verification code, and enter the email verification code,then enter the password, check the consent, and click “Sign up”.

Congratulations, you have successfully created an account!

How to receive Donations with your CoinCola Account

  1. Click wallet : 

2.Choose  the coin you wish to accept as donation.

3.Copy the deposit address of the coin and memo , if any.

Now you are ready to start receiving crypto donations in #BTC, #ETH, #DASH, #BCH, #EOS, #XRP, #LTC, #USDT and  #GUSD. 

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