CoinCola Invites You To Lagos Bitcoin and Trading Seminar

After having so much participation in bitcoin parties, participating and hosting meet-ups and seminars in Nigeria, we deemed it necessary to provide more education on cryptocurrency tradings to Nigerians as a basic social responsibility for a trading platform. Therefore, we launched a CoinCola Academy cooperated with professional and verified coaches, which aims to educate from basic to advance levels.

The Lagos Bitcoin and Trading Seminar is our first offline event that focuses on the core trading and investment for cryptocurrencies, which provided by our verified coach Mr. Tola Joseph.

We invite anyone in Lagos who is interested in learning how to make money with cryptocurrency trading to attend our first ever CoinCola Bitcoin trading seminar that will hold in Techub Spaces, Lateef Jakande street, Ikeja

This seminar, our coaches will analyze both Bitcoin and altcoins as potential crypto investments, based on underlying fundamental and technical analysis used over the years.

The seminar is targeted at all levels of crypto investors – from beginners to advanced level, this Bitcoin investing seminar will introduce you to:

  1. Cryptocurrency and BlockChain Investment Basics
  • Introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Introduction to cryptocurrency trading
  1. Getting Started With Crypto Trading, Crypto Trading Basics
  1. Type of coins on CoinCola and why those coins.
  • Coins versus Tokens – Proofs of Work, Proofs of Stake, delegated PoS
  • Trading pairs
  1. Alt-Folio Breakdown, Blue Chip versus Speculative Crypto Assets 
  • Correlation of AltCoins with BitCoin
  • Tips for diversifying your AltFolio:
    • How much to put in each AltCoin Category
    • Portfolio composition – Fiat versus BitCoin versus Altcoin
  1. Alt Coins, Crypto Investment Research Tips, Deep Dive Comparisons (Bonus Content *)
  • Market Caps, Percent Increases, Volumes – Which to use when?
  • Working Product, Team, Github check ins
  • Social Media Presence, Website, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit
  • Deep Dive comparisons- Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin, EOS vs. Cardano vs. Ethereum, ZCash vs. Monero
  1. Recap – Summary – Questions

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