How to Get $100 BTC Bonus in Ghana

December 16, 2020


How to Get $100 BTC Bonus in Ghana

Dear CoinCola user:

In order to open up the Ghanaian Trading Market, CoinCola decided to launch an important promotion in Ghana from now on. You can enjoy the following three rewards and get $100 BTC Bonus.

Promotion details are as follows.

First Reward: Get $1 BTC by referring a Ghanaian friend.

Step 1: Get your invitation code or referral link


Step 2: Your Ghanaian friend signs up with your invitation code or referral link

Step 3: Your Ghanaian friend complete verification with Ghana ID

The more Ghanaian friends you invite, the more BTC you will get!

Second Reward: Get at least $2 BTC by selling coins to GHS

No matter what the trade amount, you will get $2 BTC at least by selling coins to GHS if you complete verification with Ghana ID.

Bonus details:

Cumulative Trade Amount Bonus
Less than $200 BTC $2 BTC
$200-$1000 BTC $5 BTC
$1000-$2000 BTC $10 BTC
More than $2000 BTC $15 BTC


The more amount of BTC you trade, the more BTC you will get!

The third reward Reward: Trade coins to GHS without any fee

All users and vendors trade coins in Ghana without any fees!

Go to sell coins to GHS directly!

Terms and Conditions:

1.Promotion Period: Dec 16, 2020 to Jan 15, 2021 (HKT);

2.Each user can get up to $100 BTC Bonus. CoinCola will issue your BTC Bonus to your CoinCola wallet after the promotion ends;

3.CoinCola has the right to disqualify the candidate and cancel the bonus because of any manipulated or cheating trades against the rules;

4.CoinCola has the final explanation for this activity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through WhatsApp:+852 5166 2291.

Thank you for your support and enjoy your trading!

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CoinCola team

Dec 16, 2020