Over 2000 Students in OAU Got Crypto Education through CoinCola’s Partnership with Bcat

Education is the key to connecting anyone to any desired destination in financial freedom. A wise man once said the different between the rich and the poor is knowledge, the rich know what the poor don’t. Gaining knowledge cannot be overemphasized because it’s the foundation of everything we have in the world presently. 

One challenge that comes to learning in Africa is the limited access to knowledge sources. How easy is it for knowledge seekers to access knowledge, how easy for knowledge givers to spread knowledge? Well Thanks to technology, it’s quite easy to spread knowledge over the Internet at great speed and also low cost. It’s now cheaper and easier to have access to knowledge. 

However, in Africa, access to tools such as mobile phones or laptops and Internet service for this purpose is quite expensive and not easily accessible. The way to get to these set of potential great minds is by taking knowledge to them through physical meet-ups, seminars and conferences. 

CoinCola at Campus BCAT OAU:

On the 2nd of November, CoinCola partnered with Campus Bcat team to help spread the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency in Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife, Nigeria. The one-time partnership came as a result of previous success stories by the campus BCAT team in hosting crypto events in different campuses in Nigeria. 

The event which was held at Odudu hall in the school campus had over 3000 students in attendance with top OAU influencers and student union government officials present to learn about the future of money. The CoinCola team was also duly present at the event to teach the attendees about CoinCola and how to make money on CoinCola by selling and buying bitcoin and gift cards.

The regional manager, Samuel Joseph who was present at the event gave a keynote speech on how young Nigerians should open their minds to investment and possibilities. He gave a short story of how he got into crypto and blockchain and encourages attendees to embrace crypto and blockchain, starting blockchain and crypto is the future. He also gave an introduction to CoinCola and how to use CoinCola for trades and cross border payments. 

CoinCola Crypto Academy

The audience at the BCAT crypto awareness event was also delighted before the event started about CoinCola crypto academy. The academy is designed to help Nigerians gain full and precise knowledge and blockchain and also learn how to make money through the trading of cryptocurrencies and crypto investments.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are a passionate and seasoned cryptocurrency and forex professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and experience in crypto trade and forex trading, giving them real-world insights and perspectives to apply when coaching our students on CoinCola Academy.

We invite you to explore our CoinCola Academy today. Click here to get started.

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