Tips on How to Make Money with CoinCola Affiliate Program

According to a popular quote by Harv Eker, “You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses.”. This quote reveals the importance of having several sources of income, ranging from your regular job, your own business (personal job) and importantly your PASSIVE INCOME sources. 

Sadly, a lot of people look down on passive income, but passive income is one sure way of gaining financial freedom with extremely little input. Most especially passive income in cryptocurrency and blockchain-related services which could be worth something significant in the future. The kind of business that lets you make passive income is generally called AFFILIATE PROGRAM /MARKETING.


Affiliate marketing is an old marketing practice that gains affiliates a commission in the case of sales made through their unique link. This method of marketing requires less capital because you don’t need to create or manufacture any product. All you need to do is enable a linked connection between buyer and seller and take your commission when a sale is made.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to learn what works and what doesn’t while promoting your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing tips for CoinCola Users:

We believe anyone reading this must have created a CoinCola account already, but if you haven’t done so, kindly click here to create an account and download the CoinCola app here.


  • Use Several Traffic Sources

Choosing a platform to post your affiliate link is very important, hence you need to pick top platforms that can get you good traffic.

  • Make your ad attractive

The second step in getting traffic to your affiliate link is by creating nice graphics to pass the message easily to your viewers or readers, the graphic shouldn’t be too ambiguous and should be easy for a newbie to cryptocurrency to relate with. 

  • Daily write an article or blog about CoinCola:

For article marketing, you need to make use of platforms with higher ranking in a search engine to have a better result. There are many article submission websites such as steemit, medium and quora

  • Make a YouTube video about CoinCola:

YouTube is one great place where you can catch lots of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. People refer to YouTube as the video encyclopedia of knowledge. You can take advantage of the high SEO of YouTube for your videos about CoinCola. After making your videos, upload them, add your affiliate link to the description, add “cioncola” as a hashtag and othe other cryptocurrency related tags to the tag section. 

  • Research latest giveaway by CoinCola 

CoinCola randomly gives free BITCOIN to frequent users. You can attract viewers or readers by using your affiliate link to promote the giveaway by CoinCola. 

  • Do your personal giveaway 

In a special case where you have a new concept for your ad, but there’s no promo to advertise from CoinCola, you could actually do your personal giveaway to get people to sign-up with your affiliate link. 

 Final Thoughts

These are a few steps you could take to make money online with affiliate marketing on CoinCola. If all these steps are taken, it will obviously become easy to make money from home by referring people to CoinCola. Just create a website, a blog, YouTube account, Instagram, Facebook, steemit, LinkedIn or Twitter page and start implementing any of the ideas listed above. 

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