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5 Steps to Sell a Gift Card on CoinCola and Get $2 Trade Bonus

August 11, 2019


5 Steps to Sell a Gift Card on CoinCola and Get $2 Trade Bonus

Selling a gift card on CoinCola is easy, just follow the five steps below and you will convert your gift cards to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to Naira in 5 minutes and get 2 USD trade bonus. 

CoinCola utilizes military-grade security protocols, escrow system, user identity verification system, and cold storage to ensure the safety of your fund and data. Please feel free to trade.

Step 1: Go to CoinCola’s Gift Card Trade market
Tap the menu button on the top left, in the opening navigation menu click the “Gift card trade” to enter the “Gift card market” screen.


Step 2: Register an account with your invitation code.
Tap the “GET STARTED” button on the top right to open the register page, simply enter your Phone number, SMS code, Password, and Invitation code (important!), and then click Sign up to get a free account. You can create an account using your Email also.


Step 3: Create an order.
Find a Bitcoin vendor that accepts your gift card and the conversion rate is what you expected, click the “BUY BTC” button, then in the open screen, input your gift card amount and click the “Buy Now” button to place an order.

Step 4: Finish the trade.
Tape the “Contact” button to ask if the vendor would take the order, if so, upload the image of your gift card in the chatbox, after that, click the “Mark as paid” button and wait for the bitcoin release from the vendor.

Step 5: Get the 2 USD bonus.
The 2 USD bonus will be released to your CoinCola wallet->OTC account within 24 hours after you finish the trade.

Enjoy Your Trading!