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Discounted iTunes Gift Cards: A Good Place to Buy Them

One of the most popular gift cards in the world is the iTunes gift card. The gift card, which is issued by Apple, is used by millions to purchase different services and items from iTunes and App store.

Having been into gift card reselling, purchased songs and other items from iTunes over the years, I know it’s better to get discounted iTunes gift cards. These are iTunes gift cards that are sold for a fraction of their costs.

Different websites offer discounted iTunes gift cards for sale. However, just like every other thing on the internet, there are also several scam sites providing this service.

Therefore, I will be giving out some tips that you can follow to not to get scammed.

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Ensure that the Card to Be Purchased is iTunes Gift Card, Not Apple Gift Cards

It is important to note that there is a difference between Apple gift cards and iTunes gift cards. Many mistaken Apple gift cards for iTunes gift cards but both cards are separate.

iTunes gift cards generally give one access to purchase items on APP store and iTunes store while Apple store gift card would only provide one access to buy things on Apple store. This is a common way that many fall into scams online when trying to buy iTunes gift cards.

Whenever I search, I clearly state that I need iTunes Gift Cards. This way, I get the right platforms to get a discounted iTunes card.

Check the Gift Card’s Country

Checking the region or country that the iTunes gift card is meant for is essential as it helps one know whether to purchase the gift card. If one is buying an iTunes card for personal use, it is always smart to check the region as Apple clearly states in its terms and conditions that it can’t help with buying a gift card from a different region.

This is important as App Store, Mac App Store, and Apple Music have different restrictions for different countries and regions. Some items are geo-locked and would require the iTunes card of a particular region to unlock them.

I want you to put this in mind when making an iTunes gift card transaction. iTunes gift cards in regions such as Africa and South America tend to be cheaper to purchase as discounted gift cards when compared to North America and Asia.

Check the Expiry date

This is a routine check I embark on before buying an iTunes card as I don’t want to buy an expired iTunes card; no one wants that.

However, if you have an expired iTunes card or code, you can try it on Apple Music store or App Store as both of these stores typically accept such cards or codes.

Now, let me recommend the best platform where you can get genuine discounted iTunes gift cards for sale.

This recommendation is based on seamless and intense research in terms of security and active marketplace for gift card trading. According to this research, CoinCola is the best platform.

What is CoinCola?

CoinCola is an OTC Bitcoin trading platform with a good reputation, and there are lots of people selling different type of gift cards at discount prices.

CoinCola is one of the few platforms that have a dual platform for selling Bitcoins and gift card, which means that one can easily exchange your Bitcoins for gift cards. 

The following is a short guide on how to buy gift cards on the platform with Bitcoins.

How To Buy Discounted iTunes gift cards with Bitcoin

Step 1: Create a Free Account On CoinCola

The registration page contains the relevant information that someone needs to register on the platform. You can decide to register with your mobile device or via Email. 

Step: 2 Click On the Wallet Menu within the HomePage

After Registration, you would be redirected to the main page, which is filled with a different menu. Click on the wallet.  You would be redirected to the wallet section where you can deposit bitcoin from your external wallet onto the platform.


Step 3: Click on OTC Menu

The OTC Menu contains a lot of features such as Sell, Buy, Gift Card Trade, Create an Offer, My Orders, My Offers and Trust User.

Step 4: Click on the Gift Card Trade menu

This would lead you to the page where you would see different sellers willing to sell their gift cards. Each seller has various means of payment that they accept, but a majority accept bitcoin as the payment source.

buy gift cards with bitcoin on CoinCola

The Gift card market page on CoinCola

Check for the best price and place your offer. One the seller responds to your request, you follow the tips suggested in the article, and if you are satisfied, you complete the transaction.

This procedure is easy and simple to follow. You can always repeat these steps when trying to trade iTunes gift cards using bitcoin on CoinCola.

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