CoinCola Premium Partner Program

Dear CoinCola Trader,

CoinCola is a cryptocurrency trading platform that provides users with the most secure trading experience. CoinCola’s Premium Partner Program has been launched in response to the boom in the cryptocurrency market. We hope global partners will enjoy the benefits of the cryptocurrency market and CoinCola. You will enjoy many benefits when you become a CoinCola Premium Partner.

How do I apply to be a CoinCola Premium Partner?

Invite at least five new traders. If you reach the target, please email with your application. The email must include your CoinCola account (phone number or email). We will review the application within 3 working days and contact you by email.

What are the amazing benefits of CoinCola Premium Partners?

  1. Basic Rewards
  • You will receive 2 USDT if your friend completes the registration.
  • You will receive 2 USDT if your friend trades for the first time.
  • You will receive 2 USDT if your friend trades at CoinCola a month after the first trade.
  • Invite more people to join and receive more rewards. The rewards are unlimited.

Notification: Basic rewards will be credited to OTC wallets within 7 working days.

  1. Trading Rewards

You will receive commissions for trading when your friends use CoinCola to trade P2P, Exchange or Margin. Referral commissions are permanent and include 100% of the trading commission for your friends in the first month, and 40% of the trading commission in the following months of your life-time. (For the exact ratio, please see the page on referral).

Notification: Your wallet will receive the trading rewards within 24 hours

The difference between Premium Partners and Ordinary Users

For any questions, kindly feel free to reach the official CoinCola customer support via the CoinCola App or the CoinCola website. CoinCola will continue to provide you with safe and reliable trading services.

CoinCola Team





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