CoinCola Launches VIP Invitation Program

Dear CoinCola user,

CoinCola is delighted to announce that we are launching a VIP Invitation Program Promotion for users of our Exchange and Margin. To help users of other exchange platforms get started on CoinCola, show us your trading volumes on other exchange platforms and we will offer you the lowest VIP rate discount for 90 days on CoinCola.

Promotion Period: From 2022-1-2 to 2022-2-28 (UTC)

How to Apply:

Please email [email protected] with the following information.

1. Your CoinCola account (phone number or email)

2. The details (e.g. screenshots or a short video) of your 30-day trading volumes on other exchange platforms

The Lowest VIP Rate Discount on CoinCola:

Detailed Terms:

1. Your trading volume on other exchange platforms is not less than 5 BTC (All currencies are converted into BTC according to market prices), you will enjoy the lowest VIP rate discount for 90 days on CoinCola.

2. After 90 days period, CoinCola will restore your Exchange/Margin trading fee rate to 0.1%.

3. Each account can apply for this promotion once and must be KYC verified.

4. Chinese users cannot participate in the promotion.

For any questions, kindly feel free to reach the official CoinCola customer support via the CoinCola App or the CoinCola website. CoinCola will continue to provide you with safe and reliable trading services.

CoinCola Team


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