CoinCola Ghana P2P: 0 transaction fees for vendors

Dear CoinCola users:

CoinCola Ghana P2P has launched a promotion for vendors!

All the vendors who post BTC, USDT, ETH, and LTC ads in the Ghana P2P trading area to buy & sell cryptocurrency with fiat currency of GHS during the activity period, can enjoy 0 transaction fee. Vendors in Ghana P2P can make money without any cost.

Old vendors who have Ghanaian payment methods can also post ads to make business in Ghana’s P2P trading area.

Activity Period: August 12, 2021,00:00 UTC – September 11, 2021,00:00 UTC


What are Ghana P2P vendors?

Users who post ads in the Ghana trading area are planning to buy&sell bitcoin with Ghanaian users via GHS. Once you have a CoinCola account and Ghanaian payment method, such as MTN, you can be a Ghana P2P vendor.

How to become a Ghana P2P vendor?

It is very easy for every Ghanaian user to be a vendor. Go to the Ghana peer-to-peer page and click “+” to post an ad.

As a bitcoin vendor, you can post both sides of ads, including sell bitcoin and buy bitcoin. If you post a 【Buy】ad, you are the buyer to buy bitcoin with GHS. On the contrary, if you post a 【Sell】ad, you are the seller to sell bitcoin and release GHS.

Please notice that the【Buy】ad requests 0.0002 BTC in your CoinCola wallet, and the 【Sell】 ad requests 0.001 BTC in the wallet.

If you need to get a guide, feel free to contact us: +852 90653442(WhatsApp)


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