Where to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

July 26, 2019


Where to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, there’s an increased awareness when it comes to matters concerning cryptocurrency. The reason for this is not farfetched as the citizens are turning to digital currencies to carry out their transactions rather than using the Naira.

Thanks to this fact, there’s an increase in the demand for buying crypto especially Bitcoin in Nigeria. This has led to the launch of several cryptocurrency exchanges in the Nigerian cryptocurrency ecosystem. These Crypto exchanges have been a blessing in disguise for millions of people in the country as they can now buy any crypto of their choice.

For youths who want to earn extra income legitimately, they had to turn to sell and buy gift cards. To conduct their business, they have to use these OTC bitcoin exchanges which provides them a safe haven to conduct their business without fear of losing their funds or assets.

Over the years, there’s had several exchanges in the country like LocalBitcoins, Luno, Paxful, NairaEX, BitPesa, Bitcoin ATMs, BitFinex, Coinbase, etc. As numerous as these exchanges are, each has its own drawbacks.

Take LocalBitcoin for example, there have been instances of customers getting scammed of either their crypto or their hard-earned funds. Sometimes, you’re not permitted to buy beyond a certain amount of cryptocurrency as you’re pegged to a certain limit. Some of these exchanges have high transaction fees or several hidden charges the customer is not aware of until he conducts a trade.

This has made it hard for so many people to trust the system as they keep having one complaint or the other. This was until Coincola launched its services in Nigeria. For the first time, an OTC Bitcoin trading platform was launched with the interest of Nigerians at heart not just to make a quick buck.

Prior to the launch, to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria used to be a herculean task, but now it’s as easy as drinking water. With Coincola people in Nigeria can easily buy Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dash DASH, Ripple XRP, Litecoin LTC, Tether, USDT and now EOS. All of these can be bought with the local Naira at the click of a button.

The Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Page on CoinCola

Just as we mentioned earlier, there are several youths who indulge in legitimately trading gift cards. CoinCola enables users to buy Bitcoin with a gift card and also sell easily. All transactions are done peer to peer and are safely protected by the platforms escrow system which ensures both parties are satisfied before releasing crypto or payment to anybody.

Another thing that makes CoinCola stand out is the transaction fees. The transaction fees at Coincola is as low as 0.7% which is actually one of the lowest in the industry. This allows budding gift card entrepreneurs to make a sizeable profit from their sale which earns them extra income.

A major problem most people battle within the crypto industry is the problem of data breaches and hacks. Almost all major exchanges in the world have in one way or the other experienced issues like this. With every hack, users lose confidence in the platform which is not good for business.

The difference with Coincola is that the platform has never been hacked before neither has it experienced any type of data breach. Scammers and fraudsters cannot even operate on the platform as there are adequate security measures put in place to avoid such in the first instance. Coincola is protected with several layers of security including cold storage where the digital assets are stored offline as a measure against malicious hacks.

CoinCola is protected by SSL to make sure all their customers can go about their trade with confidence. In addition, it’s also protected by top-notch encryption that cannot be decrypted by even Coincola’s staff all to ensure that user data is completely safe.

Knowing that several users make use of their phones more than their computers, Coincola is available on several devices like Android and iOS and can be downloaded in their respective stores. This allows users to monitor their assets and trade on the go.

Should users encounter any form of difficulty, there is a customer care representative waiting to attend to them and they are available 24/7 as Coincola puts customer satisfaction as the number one priority. 

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