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How To Make Money Online Without Spending A Dime

July 26, 2019


How To Make Money Online Without Spending A Dime

You may be reading the title and thinking that it is not possible to make legit money online without spending some initial capital.  I would implore you to read along as I demystify that thought that several Nigerians have about making money online with no money.

The emergence of the Internet has really changed the entire concept of making income as there are thousands of ways to make money on the internet.  We would be looking deeper into how you can make a steady income online without spending a dime.  

Freelance Services

The number of freelancers in Nigeria has increased by over 80% in the past five years as more youths move towards this field. As a freelancer, you are not confined to an office and you can have as many clients as you want.

Freelancing is a wide field and the most popular services rendered by Nigerians include writing, graphic designing, virtual assistant and computer programming.  There are several platforms that you can join for free which allows you to showcase your services for free. Some examples are Fiverr, and Peopleperhour.

Affiliate Programs.

Joining an Affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn money online without spending a dime. Affiliate marketing is essentially a type of marketing whereby you earn a commission from referring people to join or purchase certain products services.

There are tons of affiliate marketing programs online in different fields to pick from. There are also affiliate marketing programs that target Nigerians. One of the popular ones is Jumia affiliate program run by eCommerce giant Jumia. You can refer people and earn a commission that can be used to purchase items on the platform.

Another one that we recommend is CoinCola affiliate program whereby you can earn 20% commission from referrals for the first month and 15% for the next six months. The digital assets trading platform also offers other bonuses when your referral trades on the platform.

 Gift card Trading

One of the most common ways of making money online is by investing in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and gift cards.

Gift card trading is one of the methods of making cool money online that is often overlooked by many. Gift cards are typically preloaded debit cards that are issued by electronic stores, eCommerce stores, and grocery stores as a means of incentives to loyal customers. 

These cards can be redeemed by the customers to purchase items to the tune of the value of the cards. Gift card values tend to range from $5-$500.  In order to maximize the full potentials of gift card trading, it is recommended that you focus on the three most popular gift cards which are iTunes, Walmart, and Amazon gift cards.

The three cards listed above are usually in high demand and offer the best returns both short term and long term. To get gift cards is not difficult as there are websites that offer these cards for free if you partake in certain competitions such as Prizerebel.

You can also scout the web for sites that offer free gift cards. It is important to note that most of these free gift card sites tend to offer low-value gift cards of $5-$10. 

In such a scenario, after getting the free $10 gift card you can easily trade this gift card and collect cool money. If you repeat the procedure several times a week, you would be able to generate a steady flow of income.

It is important to note that when embarking on gift card trading you have to use an exchange platform that would connect you to potential buyers, and CoinCola OTC marketplace is one of the best.

Why CoinCola is Ideal for Gift Card Trading

Many Nigerians are making money by re-selling iTunes card and Amazon gift cards for Bitcoins on CoinCola.

The OTC platform uses dual trading system which makes it one of the best platforms for Nigerians to trade. One of the reasons is that you can trade gift cards for Bitcoin on it easily.

The Gift Card Trading Page on CoinCola

Since Bitcoin is one of the popular digital assets in the world, you can easily buy bitcoin by trading your gift card directly for bitcoin.  CoinCola provides an inbuilt Bitcoin wallet where the bitcoin is stored without charging extra for this service.

Bitcoin trading can also be done on the platform as it offers trading pairs with up to six other cryptocurrencies. It’s trading prices are fair and CoinCola only charges you 0.7% as transaction fees which is one of the lowest among competitors.

Register on CoinCola and begin to enjoy the perks of trading. 

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