How to post an OTC offer on CoinCola App

The following tutorial explaining in detail how to post an OTC offer on  CoinCola App.


Step1: Enter OTC Transaction zone

Tap”OTC” in the tab bar to open the OTC market.

Step2: Great an OTC offer

Tap “+” the top-right corner button and choose “Post an ad”


Step 3: Describe the details of posting an offer

Select the type of ad, “Buy” or “Sell“, select the type of coin(such as BTC or ETH), select the country in which you want to show the ad, then select the payment method. 

Enter the Margin( the spillover ratio of the market price, the market reference price is based on the real-time price of some large exchanges, to ensure that your quotation tends to a relatively reasonable range, for example, if the current price is 36,000 USDT, the ratio of 0.7%, then the price is 36,036 USDT.)

Set the minimum amount and maximum amount that users can purchase from you. Also, set the payment window, then tap “Next”.

Step 4: Describe the trading  requirements

Fill in the terms of trade(describe your trading requirements and personal information so that the seller can know you in advance). If you enable trade with verified traders only, then you can only trade with verified users).

Tap ”Advanced Settings” and select the opening time. ( Transactions require both parties to be online. Setting up an open time can better manage your advertising and avoid your negative reputation caused by people who don’t know how to cancel orders.)

Step 5: Post it successfully and check

Top”Post” immediately, then the ad is successfully posted.

NOTE: A minimum balance is required in your CoinCola wallet for posting ads.

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