How to Mine Bitcoin For Free in Nigeria

For years now, there has been a growing interest in the cryptocurrency industry, particularly in Nigeria, where individuals are eager to mine Bitcoin for free. This interest is not unfounded, as Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency, has seen an unprecedented surge in value over the past 12 years.

About 2 years ago, the value of one Bitcoin was equal to $20,000, as at today its price is hovering in the region of $10,400. Even though the major problem of cryptocurrency is the volatility in price, Bitcoin is still considered the next big thing after the arrival of the internet.

So far, no commodity has potential like that of cryptocurrency. It was only a matter of time before investors worldwide jumped on board.

Just the same way you mine natural resources like coal and gold, you can also mine Bitcoin too. In 2008, Bitcoin was invented by an anonymous person called Satoshi Nakamoto. To date, the identity behind the Blockchain network and Bitcoin has not been uncovered despite several efforts. We do not know if it’s a person, group, organization or government, but his invention is revolutionizing the world.

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Bitcoin Mining

When Bitcoin was created, Satoshi Nakamoto provided a solution for the problem of inflation that can arise while using cryptocurrencies. Just like any digital data, a crypto token can be recreated pretty easily.

If this scenario were to happen with Bitcoin, it would lead to inflation and it would lose its value in the long run. Over time, this would cause user’s to lose their trust in the digital currency.

Nakamoto’s solution to this problem was for the computers to solve complex mathematical equations. With each equation solved, miners are rewarded with Bitcoin. In order to ensure authenticity, the equation would be verified across the Blockchain network by all and sundry which is called proof of work.

This way, Nakamoto compared the creation of new coins with mining gold. Hence term Bitcoin mining came to life. Nakamoto noted that in the case of Bitcoin mining, it is CPU time and electricity that is consumed.

However, the creator(s) of bitcoin designed the system so there would be a fixed supply. The supply of Bitcoin is pegged at 21 million, and we’ve mined about 19 million so far. To ensure the stability of the entire system, the problems mining machines solve to earn coins get increasingly harder, the more Bitcoins are mind. 

This means that it takes longer to mine 1 bitcoin and miners would have to get bigger and more expensive mining rigs to solve more equations.

Mining Bitcoin for free

There is hope for individuals who do not have the financial power to acquire the needed hardware to mine bitcoin. Now you can join a mining pool where you and several others pool resources together to solve these cryptographic equations.

This way, you are sure to earn your fair share of bitcoin. The only problem is that the reward would be shared equally by everyone who participated in the mining process. Hence, the pay out may not be as large as using your own mining rig.

Here are five decent Bitcoin mining pools I like:

  1. AntPool

  2. Slush Pool

  3. F2Pool

  4. BTCC Pool

  5. Eligius

Now that you know how to earn Bitcoin for free through mining, the next thing to learn is how to trade it. Bitcoin trading in Nigeria is the next big thing as thousands of people are earning sizeable income through it.

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