5 things you would like to know about CoinCola

CoinCola is widely known as a digital platform where people can trade bitcoin or gift cards online. It was created by a group of blockchain enthusiastic developers and built up for over 6 years. CoinCola focuses on providing safe and simple methods to trade cryptocurrency for users.

Plenty of users trade cryptocurrencies through CoinCola’s website, and also its App. CoinCola has launched IOS and Android for several years. The simple design of an OTC and exchange platform packed into an app gave rise to an all-new user experience never seen in the crypto space. Not only does the app allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but it also allows users from across the globe to trade gift cards for bitcoin.

Today we want to highlight 5 things within CoinCola app that you probably might know exist for users to us.


1. Ability to trade worldwide without borders: CoinCola app is not just restricted to Nigerian users. A Nigerian user can actually easily trade with anyone from any part of the world, as long as both parties have good terms of trades. The popular way Nigerians trade cryptocurrency with Chinese citizens is with gift cards. Meanwhile, because some Chinese hold bank accounts of Nigerian, Nigerian users can also sell bitcoin to Chinese vendors and receive payment through bank transfer. The same things also happen in other trade zones, such as Ghana, Vietnam, South Africa, etc.

2. Selling or buying coins are free: CoinCola provides the lowest fee for new users to trade here. The fee is only for vendors but not retail users. It is all free for retail users to trade coins or gift cards. Newbies can join in the crypto space at the lowest cost.

3. Internal transfers are free: yes, you read that right. As a CoinCola user, you can transfer cryptocurrency to another CoinCola user for free. Because of this, trading on OTC(include gift card)、Exchange Market and Margin Market are freedom. We can do diverse kinds of trading businesses and trade at the best price.

4. In-app Trading tools:

Many traders on CoinCola are still not aware of the different market analysis tools available on CoinCola. These tools help expert traders with good technical and fundamental analysis skills to scan through the market charts for potential buy-in points or sell-out points. The tools include:

MACD: This is an abbreviation for moving average convergence/divergence. It is a trading indicator used in technical analysis.

SAR: short for Stop And Reversal, it’s a trading indicator mainly used by traders to determine the future short-term momentum of a given asset.

BOLL: otherwise known as Bollinger Bands, this indicator is used to characterize the prices and volatility of a crypto asset over time.

5. Join activity and win bitcoin. In order to return users, CoinCola always runs a beneficiary activity and distributes bitcoin directly to users. You the better notice the banner on CoinColaapp and participate in. At present, CoinCola is sharing at least 0.00008btc with its new users. This might be a good way for new users to begin the first trade. you can take part in this activity now and win a bonus.

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