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How To Buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money in Nigeria

Perfect Money is one of the popular financial services used by Nigerians to make instant payments and make cross border transactions. The payment platform, which was founded in 2008, has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular means of payments, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

The fund payment system was incorporated in Zurich Switzerland, which further cemented its reputation as a financial service heavyweight.  One reason why the payment platform has increased in popularity is that it does not limit its functions for Nigerian users.

Perfect Money is Seen As an Alternative to PayPal

Paypal, which is regarded as the largest financial payment service, restrict Nigerian accounts. Nigerians can only send money but cannot receive money via PayPal. This has led more Nigerians to utilise Perfect Money as an alternative.

Perfect Money is easy to register with, and all users can easily send and receive funds on the platform with minimum fuss. Also, users can convert their funds into other digital currencies such as Bitcoin and other digital assets at reasonable rates.

Since several merchants accept perfect Money, there is a huge demand for its funds with several platforms providing the environment to exchange Perfect Money funds.

Several financial institutions in Nigeria accept Perfect Money as a source of payment which has also driven up its demand in the country.

There are several Nigerians that have embarked in the business of selling and buying Perfect Money funds with different platforms online for Nigerians to utilise.

How To Know The Best Platform To Exchange Perfect Money Funds

As with most things online, newbies are prone to falling into scams that promise crazy deals for Perfect Money funds. The best way to do away with this sort of scams is to utilize platforms that are reputable and offer protection for transactions.

Also, the platform would have to provide different payment options for Nigerians to buy or sell their Perfect Money Funds. While also ensuring an active marketplace filled with buyers and sellers, and CoinCola is one of the best Perfect Money exchange platforms.

What is CoinCola

CoinCola is an OTC Bitcoin trading platform that incorporates a gift card market. This unique combination makes the exchange a dual-purpose platform for trading bitcoins and other digital assets.

Perfect Money is also one of the numerous digital assets that can be used to purchase bitcoins and gift cards on the platform.

Here are some of the reasons why CoinCola stands out from other platforms.

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Security is a crucial factor when making transactions online as it is easy to lose funds to scams. CoinCola resolves this issue by using state of the art security protocols that keep users’ funds safe on the platform from hacks.

Also, the escrow system is designed to keep both the buyers and sellers safe. Within this system, funds are not released until both parties have confirmed transactions.

CoinCola also complies with KYC, which means that all users must submit a means of identity, which further reduces the number of scam traders on the platform.

Low Transaction Fees.

This is also a major selling point for CoinCola as the platform only takes 0.7% as charges for all transactions undertaken on its platform. This means that unlike other platforms that take close to 5% for transactions, you can make more or save more on your Perfect Money on CoinCola.

Flexible Payment Options

On CoinCola OTC Bitcoin trading platform Nigerians can quickly screen out the bitcoin sellers that accept Perfect Money payment and make a deal. This is due to the flexibility of payment options on the website that allows Nigerians a plethora of options.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Perfect Money Using CoinCola

First Step: Open a Free Account On CoinCola

The first step is to create a free account on CoinCola.

The registration page above contains the relevant information that you need to register on the platform. There are two ways of registering either via email or mobile device whatever way you pick; you would be sent a confirmation code.

Second Step: Navigate to the Wallet Menu within the HomePage and Click on It

After Registration, the platform will take you to the homepage. On this page, you can click on the wallet option and find your Inbuilt Bitcoin Wallet account details.


Third Step: Find the OTC Menu and Click on It

By clicking on the OTC Menu, you will find a lot of features such as Sell, Buy, Gift Card Trade, Create and Offer, My Orders, My Offers and Trust User.

Step 4: Click on the Buy menu

The Buy Bitcoin Menu is where you can buy Bitcoin from other sellers on the platform. You would see the minimum amount that the sellers are willing to sell their Bitcoin. Also, some sellers have diverse payment methods such as Perfect Money.

buy bitcoin in nigeria on phone via CoinCola

The Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria page on CoinCola

Check for sellers that accept Perfect Money as a means of payment and complete the transactions.

Moving Forward

Having read this article up to this point, you have familiarised yourself with the simple steps of buying bitcoin with Perfect money. Follow this procedure once you are ready to get started.

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