How to Sell Steam Card: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2024)

Gift cards have greatly simplified the lives of consumers by eliminating the need to carry credit cards at all times. Steam cards, in particular, offer convenient access to a variety of premium services without any complications. Yet, if you find yourself no longer interested in using a Steam card or wish to convert some of its credit into cash, what steps should you take?

What is Steam Card?

The Steam Card stands as a digital gateway to a realm of premium gaming and entertainment services, offering users a hassle-free alternative to conventional payment methods. This digital marvel eliminates the need for constant credit card carrying, providing a seamless experience for consumers seeking access to a diverse array of premium content. Whether you’re into gaming or simply exploring the world of digital entertainment, the Steam Card opens doors to a universe of possibilities with ease and convenience.

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How to Sell Steam Card in Nigeria

Time needed: 15 minutes

Before CoinCola, there was no reliable and widely recognized platform for selling Steam gift cards. While a few ventures were involved in trading iTunes and Amazon cards, Steam cards were conspicuously absent from the scene. However, we’ve introduced a seamless solution that allows you to sell them by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Register on CoinCola

    Before diving into the world of Steam card trading, ensure you are registered on CoinCola. If not, sign up to get started.

  2. Verification and Dashboard Access

    Complete all required verification checks and seamlessly sign in to your personalized dashboard on CoinCola.

  3. Navigate to ‘Gift Card Trade’

    Locate and click on ‘Gift Card Trade’ in the top navigation bar of your dashboard.

  4. Choose ‘BUY BTC’ from the Tab bar.

    In the upper tab bar, opt for ‘BUY BTC’ to initiate the process.

  5. Select ‘Steam Wallet Gift Card’

    From the ‘All Gift Cards’ dropdown, specifically choose ‘Steam Wallet Gift Card‘ as your preferred option.

  6. Pick Your Trader

    Review the presented list of traders based on factors such as average rating, number of trades, availability, rate, and payment method.

  7. Confirm Purchase

    Click ‘BUY BTC’ to confirm your purchase and proceed with the trade.

  8. Receive Bitcoins in Your Wallet

    Upon the completion of the trade, find the acquired Bitcoins securely stored in your wallet.

Now equipped with Bitcoin from your Steam gift card, you can decide whether to exchange them for your local currency on our platform or patiently wait for a favorable rise in BTC’s value.

Keep in mind that our exchange is renowned for its user-friendliness, catering to both novices and experts in the field with intuitive explanations at every step.

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A few words about our robust exchange

In order to offer the best P2P gift card trading solution as a whole, we have integrated several actionable insights on our exchange so that you may find it easy to sell your Bitcoins for local currency. Firstly, we have markers all over the dashboard where you can easily differentiate them with the help of colors. These indicators are used for interpreting different graphs and selecting a variety of options.

After buying bitcoin with steam gift card, you could use an array of options to execute the trade. One of the most popular features, the limit order, allows users to conduct a trade at a particular price. In doing so, you specify a price in your desired currency for the token you are planning to sell. As soon as this ‘stop price’ is reached, the preset order is carried out automatically.


It is quite evident that CoinCola is not only offering a unique functionality where you could sell a steam gift card for Bitcoins and then exchange them for your local currency, but we are also ‘polishing’ the current market. For instance, the liquidity at our exchange is quite high and it is not theoretically possible that if anyone of you plans to execute the trade he won’t find a buyer.

What’s even more exciting is that since we are talking about gift cards here, everyone wants them. However, due to some geo-restrictions imposed by a few service providers, not everybody in the World has the luxury to avail of these cards directly. It further enhances your probability of ALWAYS finding a buyer because the demand is never going to diminish.

There are several insights on the main page of our exchange as well. So just before selling the BTCs for your local currency, you could have a look at the data and make an informed decision regarding the best time to sell your coins.

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