How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in Nigeria

The cryptocurrency market is evolving really fast and with the latest improvements in the industry, more companies and individuals are forced to tap into the wide range of opportunities it offers. Unlike what is obtained in the stock exchange market where the trading between companies and individuals is regulated by exchange, in the cryptocurrency world, the exchange is strictly between the individuals or companies involved. 

Competent companies such as the CoinCola have emerged as one of the leading OTC cryptocurrency marketplaces where people from various countries can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Coincola which has its services running in Nigeria has created various payment options to ensure that people are able to purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies without any sort of hassle. The various methods of buying bitcoin are via the following means –

  1. Paypal
  2. Cash Deposit
  3. National Bank Transfer
  4. Alipay
  5. WeChat Pay
  6. MoneyGram
  7. Western Union
  8. Perfect Money
  9. Paytm
  10. Kakao pay
  11. Epay
  12. SEPA
  13. Payeer
  14. Advcash
  15. Cash In Person

In this article, we will focus on how to buy bitcoin with credit card in Nigeria from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange market CoinCola.

Step By Step Guide On How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card In Nigeria

STEP 1Sign up on Coincola – Well, it is quite easy to register on coincola and in just 3 minutes, you can be able to get your own account and also grab a bonus bitcoin for signup. You can either register with your email or phone number. After you provide these details, a verification code will be sent to either your email or phone number to confirm that you are the one. Enter the code and then create your secure password.

The Sign-up Page

STEP 2 – Navigate to the coincola OTC page – There are a lot of adverts that are placed on this space and you will see people from various countries that want to sell their bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. You can use the help of the search icon in order to filter your search by preferred currency, location, and means of payment.

The “Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria” Page

STEP 3 – Click on an offer – Well, this can be the tricky part as you have to be very careful when dealing with advertisers. In as much as coincola has a strong security system to prevent any sort of scam, it is best advised that you try as much as possible to deal only with advertisers that have previous ratings and trust scores. You have to click on the BUY BTC icon and you will see more descriptions as given by the seller. The description might show that the seller feels comfortable if a buyer wants to buy bitcoin with a credit card.

STEP 4 – Read the description and terms set out by the seller – You need to understand that different sellers/advertisers will have various terms that they will want to govern the transaction and you should take cognizance of this. If you feel that the terms do not match your needs, then you can leave and search for another seller. For example, if the seller’s terms do not enable you to buy bitcoin with a credit card, you can move to the next seller.

Step 5 – Type in the amount of money you want to buy and click the BUY NOW button. This will create a chat box where you can get to negotiate with the seller. It is in this space that you can get to reach an agreement with the seller on the best possible method of payment which you prefer and in this case, it will be credit card. Of course, you cannot reveal your credit card details to him or her; rather you can use platforms that support credit card facilities such as PayPal to pay for the bitcoin. Once the seller agrees, you can proceed.

STEP 6 – Mark the payment as PAID – Once you have used your credit card to pay via any of the merchant sites that support credit card on coincola such as Paypal, you inform the seller and click on the MARK AS PAID and then the seller will release the Bitcoins to you.

In summation, purchasing bitcoins via credit card on coincola can be very easy and fast when you follow the step by step guide carefully listed above.

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