How to Sell iTunes Gift Card and Convert Gift Card to Naira?

For all Apple users, the place to get all media, software, and entertainment is the iTunes store. The iTunes store is very popular among iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Gift cards from the silicon valley company are now used to store value globally. The iTunes gift card can be used to buy all sorts of things like movies, music, apps, books and lots more from the store.

 Here’s a quick guide to help you understand better what an iTunes Gift card is:

What is an iTunes gift card?

This is a pre-purchased credit card that can only be used to buy items from Apple’s iTunes store. It’s the marketplace to purchase everything that concerns Apple devices, media, and software.

There’s a common misconception from people as they usually tend to mistake the iTunes store for the Apple store, they’re both different, and they serve different purposes. The Apple store is meant for buying physical goods like iPhones, iPads and Mac Books.

Due to how easy it is to buy things using the iTunes gift card, a lot of people either use it to buy things, save it as a store of value or they trade it for cash or cryptocurrency. In this article, we’ll be discussing more on how to trade this gift card for cryptocurrency.

The problem

To convert an iTunes gift card to cash especially the Nigerian Naira is next to impossible. The reason is that the gift cards can only be used in their respective stores. The demand for alternative uses of this card is on the increase as several Nigerians who have these gift cards want to exchange their cards for the Naira. 

Some entrepreneurs and business-minded people now sell their gift cards for Naira by using unregulated platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and several other platforms. Due to the fact that there’s no security of any kind, users have had to sell their cards at lower prices than what the card is originally worth. Sometimes, they even fall into the hands of fraudsters who redeem the card without paying them.

Why CoinCola is one of the best place to sell gift cards?

Everyone is looking for a mode of exchange that is not dependent on the traditional banking system that is easy, fast, and most importantly, has low charges. As luck would have it, such a platform is in existence today and it’s called CoinCola. 

Coincola removes the burden of having to go through the hard way to convert your gift cards to Naira. On the OTC exchange, you can change whatever gift card you (iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards etc) have and you’ll be paid in Bitcoin directly into your Bitcoin wallet and then you can convert the bitcoin to Naira or hold them for appreciation.

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All these are done with the best security in place using state of the art security protocols and personnel, SSL, escrow and trust ratings for sellers on the website. 

By using our OTC peer to peer exchange, to change gift cards to Naira is now as easy as ever as it can be done with a click of a button. Each transaction can be carried out within a space of 3 to 5 minutes as your account will be credited once the seller verifies your gift card. 

It’s not limited to that alone, all your transactions are not subject to unnecessarily high transaction charges. Our exchange is reputed to have the lowest transaction fees in the world which are pegged at 0.7%. These low rates have proven to be of great advantage to everyone as they can now make a significant profit on each trade.

Here’s how to go about trading your gift card for Naira:

To enjoy all these benefits, the first thing you have to do is to open an account with us.

  •         Next, navigate to the Gift Card Trade market . Gift card trading screen on CoinCola
  •         Select the currency of your choice and the type of gift card you’ll like to trade.
  •         Click on the BUY button to place your order.
  •         Make sure you have read the Terms of trade carefully before proceeding.
  •         Enter the Gift Card sum you wish to trade, then click on BUY NOW.
  •         Confirm the information you entered for your order.
  •         Now you can place your order.
  •         Ask the vendor you are trading with if you can upload the gift card.
  •         Next, click Mark Payment Complete once the gift card has been uploaded.
  •         Now, you have to be patient while the vendor releases the Bitcoin to your wallet.
  •         Check if the BTC has been deposited into your wallet.
  •         Once you’ve got the BTC, go to the Sell Bitcoin section on CoinCola to convert Bitcoin to Naira.

Don’t worry about fraudsters and scammers as they cannot operate on the CoinCola platform due to several preventive measures that we have put in place. 

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