How can Ghana vendors make a profit?

Bitcoin adoption has grown worldwide. Recently, there is a sharp increase in peer-to-peer bitcoin trading in Ghana. It turns out that a large of Ghanaians are aware of bitcoin. They are searching for a safe place to buy bitcoin. Specifically, more and more residents in Ghana have seen bitcoin as a currency developed for Africa. Therefore, it becomes an opportunity for Ghanaians to do bitcoin business and make a profit. But, how to do it?

——Becoming a bitcoin vendor and trade with Ghanaians will be a good way.

What is a vendor?

As the Ghanaians are bit players in bitcoin trades, CoinCola’s Peer-to-Peer market is the best place for Ghanaians to create his own bitcoin business here. In the peer-to-peer crypto market, it is much like amazon, a place to buy commodities from merchants. But it is trading cryptocurrencies in the crypto space. Trade retail can buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin with a bitcoin businessman, who has post bitcoin offers on the platform. This businessman is called a vendor in the crypto market.

How does the vendor make a profit?

In our vendor interview, one of the biggest bitcoin vendors on CoinCola said that 

“I got into initially only for the money. Luckily, this thought came true. Trading bitcoin gives me an opportunity to make a lot of money”.

Undeniably, becoming the vendor of bitcoin offers a general person to do his own business. he can not only earn profit from the price fluctuations but also vendor can buy bitcoin from a retail trader at a low price and sell it at a high price. The more trade volume you make, the more profit you will gain. This is the trading principle in the Peer-to-Peer crypto market.

How to become a bitcoin vendor in Ghana?

Becoming a bitcoin vendor on CoinCola is extremely easy and intuitive. As a Ghanaian, you need to create an offer in the Ghana trading zone of CoinCola and trade with Ghanaian users. Two kinds of offers can be posted on the CoinCola platform. There are fiat offer and gift card offer. Fiat offer allows the local currency to buy and sell cryptocurrency. A gift card offer allows a gift card to be a payment method. A more detailed guide can click here: How to post fiat offer? (For vendor)

Bouns for Ghanian vendors

At present, users who post an offer in the Ghana trading zone of CoinCola and finish one trade can win $10 bitcoin. 


If you still have questions about becoming a bitcoin vendor in Ghana, feel free to chat with us via WhatsApp: +852 90653442

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