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How to Sell iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria Fast?

iTunes gift cards are a popular way to store value. They’re also a popular gift item. The question is, how can you convert an iTunes gift card into money quickly and without falling prey to unfair commission fees and scams?


In this article, we give you 3 simple steps to selling iTunes gift cards fast in Nigeria. The first thing you do is…


  1. Decide what you want to get in return


The first thing you need to decide on is what you want to sell your iTunes gift card for. There are 3 main options for you in Nigeria.


First, you’ve got two national currencies: the Nigerian Naira and the Chinese Yuan, also known as the Renminbi. The Naira is pretty-self explanatory. It’s the country’s national currency – which means you can use it to buy products online and offline.


The Renminbi/Yuan may seem a little more surprising, but it’s actually a major currency throughout Nigeria. Even the Nigerian central bank sells it. It’s a convenient choice if you want a currency that’s usable in Nigeria – and readily tradable outside it.


Last but not least, you’ve got the option of going with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are 3 reasons to go this route.


First, cryptocurrencies are easy to convert into any local currency you want. This means you have the ability to convert your crypto into Renminbi, Naira, USD, etc.


Second, there’s a thriving international market for cryptocurrencies. The same can’t be said for the Naira, which is limited to Nigeria, and the Renminbi which is mostly used inside China.


Third, you may find that the rates you get buying and selling crypto are superior. This is thanks to the large, international market we mention above. Many people make a living trading crypto, and they try to give you the best possible rates to get your business.


Once you’ve decided what you want to trade for, it’s time to…


  1. Find a channel you trust


The first way to sell your iTunes gift card is using message boards, Facebook groups, etc. However, we don’t recommend you go this route.


One reason is that buying and selling gift cards through channels like these exposes you to a great deal of risk. The other party can easily take your code, fail to pay you, and disappear into the proverbial sunset leaving you empty-handed.


Another reason is that if you want to sell iTunes gift cards fast, you’re unlikely to do so via these channels. Instead, you want a trusted marketplace with features like:


  • Instant payments. If you need to get your funds quickly, you want a service where traders make payments immediately.
  • Escrow. Gift card scams are common. An escrow service makes sure that the other party can’t get their money back if they use your card after you reveal its details. The best escrow services also have specially trained dispute resolution staff who can come in as neutral arbiters.
  • Fair fees. When it comes to trading in iTunes gift cards, results may vary. Some Nigerian websites give you as little as $60 for a $100 gift card – and even less (40-50%) of a bigger card’s value.


Something else you ideally want to see is…


  1. An international network of buyers


Many of Nigeria’s Internet users don’t have desktop computers, which means they have limited Internet access. Moreover, many Nigerian traders only work during the morning and afternoon – which can be inconvenient if you need to sell a card during extended hours.


Something that helps here is finding a website or service that can help you connect with international buyers.


One example is our own service: CoinCola. As a Hong Kong based company, we have traders from China, English-speaking countries, and many regions where Chinese firms do business – including Latin America and Africa.


This means we get a tremendous amount of trading volume at any time of day. It also means you’re more likely to get better rates thanks to more competition.

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