Easiest and Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in Mexico

March 30, 2019


Easiest and Best Way to Buy Bitcoin in Mexico

As of 2018, Mexico’s Peso was the 16th most exchanged national currency for Bitcoin. This suggests that Mexico is quickly adapting to cryptocurrency and acknowledges its value. Unfortunately, there are limitations in Bitcoin trade in Mexico.

Firstly, Mexico has one of the largest numbers of cyberattacks in South America. This makes locals sceptical about trading valuable assets like Bitcoin online. In addition, more than half of the population doesn’t have access to a bank account. With some crypto marketplaces, this can be limiting.

Today, there is a platform that allows you to manage your money easily and keep your data secure at all times. So if you are looking to buy and sell Bitcoin in Mexico, take a minute to learn about CoinCola.

CoinCola in Mexico

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, CoinCola is your one-stop shop. It is a marketplace that offers both over-the-counter and coin-coin pair trading – a hybrid service that gives Mexican users a chance to choose. The OTC trading is based on peer-to-peer exchanges; it supports different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Aside from being community-based, CoinCola is both cost-efficient and secure. The platform is free of charge on regular transactions; however, even if you carry out an exchange by placing an ad, the fee does not exceed 0.7% – the lowest OTC trade price you will see in the industry. Additionally, depositing to your wallet is also free of charge.

You can access the marketplace on your mobile app as well as on your computer. This makes it easier to follow market trends on the go, as well as keep track of your account. In order to buy and sell Bitcoin in Mexico, follow the simple steps below.

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Mexico

Step 1: Sign Up and Verify Account

  1. Visit or
  2. “Sign up” for an account and verify your number.
  1. Log into CoinCola with your account credentials.
  2. Click on the “user center” website section. On the mobile app, click “settings” tab in your “me” screen.
  1. Click “authentication” or “real name verified” (depends on the version in use).
  1. Confirm your identity – upload photographs and key in your data.
  2. Receive a confirmation.

Step 2: Buying and Selling Bitcoin in Mexico

  1. Click on the “OTC” section of CoinCola.
  2. Click  “buy BTC”; choose a seller.
  1. Choose the amount you’d like to buy or sell in Bitcoins.
  2. Open the trade, contact the seller, and complete payment once you agree on the details.
  1. Click “mark as paid”; your coins will get released shortly.

How Secure is Buying Bitcoin on CoinCola?

With a security team that has 10 years of experience, your data will be safe with CoinCola. The service uses bank-level encryption, SSL technology, and cold storage, all to keep your accounts as protected as possible.

In addition, the peer-to-peer system brings its own security advantages. CoinCola’s trust system allows each user to rank others after a trade is carried out. This allows for more subjective feedback that makes it easier to spot reliable buyers and avoid ones with problematic behaviours.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card or Credit Card in Mexico

CoinCola is an easy-to-use platform that supports different payment methods depending on what is more convenient for the traders. Users can choose to pay directly using a debit or credit card via the OTC service. Furthermore, the military-grade security ensures that your bank details will remain protected the entire time you are using the service.

Final Words

You now know how to trade Bitcoin in Mexico securely and hassle-free. With CoinCola, you won’t need to pay high fees or go through a long verification process. Leave us your comments down below!

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