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Is Cryptocurrency Dead: 5 Coins That Are Going To Last

March 5, 2019


Is Cryptocurrency Dead: 5 Coins That Are Going To Last

Over 1,000 crypto projects shut down last year and are now dead. This may seem like bad news, but this isn’t necessarily the case for two reasons.

First, ICOs were completely unregulated through 2018. Some countries and regulators tried to enforce controls but were largely unsuccessful. As a result, many of the projects that shut down last year just weren’t very good.

Some had technical problems. Some were poorly managed. A small minority was outright scammy. But either way, all those crypto projects dying mean three things.

First, investors won’t be tempted to invest in them. Second, there is space for new projects to emerge. Third, dead projects point to the cryptto space becoming more centralized and consolidatted: an important step for mass adoption.

The question is, which cryptocurrencies aren’t going to die? Which coins can you buy as a consumer, developer, or investor, knowing they won’t diminish in value (or cease to exist)? In this article, we give you 5 answers.

There’s been a lot of talk about other coins replacing Bitcoin at the top of the crypto food chain. So far, none of that has panned out. Bitcoin is still the most proven, best known cryptocurrency and blockchain – and it has the highest market cap.

Will future bitcoin developments (like lightning) pan out? That remains to be seen. But one way or another, you can be sure that bitcoin will have a place in the crypto industry’s future.


Ethereum is the second biggest crypto project online. It’s also headed by a strong dev team led by Vitalik Buterin, who got his start as a bitcoin enthusiast and developer.

Most importantly, Ethereum is the best platform available for running decentralized apps and ICOs. This means that its native digital token (ETH) will remain viable and valuable for the near future; especially with Ethereum hard fork, Constantinople, in effect.


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that processes transactions several times more quickly than Bitcoin.

Litecon has seen a strong uptick in adoption in the past year, and it has one important advantage. The language used to run the Litecoin blockchain – Scrypt – makes the coin relatively easy to mine.

This increases the likelihood of eventual mass adoption – but even if Litecoin stays where it is, it’s going to have a market niche for the foreseeable future.


Dash is another fast cryptocurrency. It’s also anonymous, which makes it useful for anyone who wants to make payments without getting tracked by banks, members of the public, and associates.

Being the biggest and most popular anonymous cryptocurrency, Dash is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. It may have a smaller market cap than Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it has a stable user base that will likely stick around.


Vitalik Buterin recently announced he feels Ripple (XRP) is technologically superior to Bitcoin (BTC). This is just one man’s opinion, of course – but Ripple has a tremendous number of partners and supporters, as well as institutional support.

This means that out of all the cryptocurrencies out there, XRP one of the most likely to survive in the long run. It may not be 100% decentralized – there’s an organization handling the currency’s development and management – but it’s certainly stable.

Now you know which 5 coins are most likely to last in the long run. If you are new to cryptocurrency and do not have an exchange account, you can buy cryptocurrencies with your fiat currency on CoinCola OTC platform.

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