How can Vendors Maximize their earnings on CoinCola?

As a vendor, do you search for ways to maximize your earnings on CoinCola? Numerous businessmen worldwide came here initially only for making money. Luckily, the first batch of vendors has gained earnings by engaging in crypto trading.

CoinCola, as one of the oldest Peer-to-Peer platforms, was launched in Hong Kong over 5 years. There are two types of users gathered here, one is vendors who create offers to buy gift cards or trade cryptocurrencies, and the other is retail traders who only want to sell gift cards or trade coins. CoinCola provides a safe and simple platform for them to make crypto trading deals. As CoinCola’s users have covered all over the world at present, it is an opportunity for vendors to develop crypto trading here and own their own businesses.

Additionally, the crypto vendor can be regarded as a freelance and earn extra money. If you still don’t know how to get started. Here are some tips on how to be a vendor and maximize earnings.

  • Verify Account

To become a vendor, the first step must be account verification. You can use ID card or passport to verify. Meanwhile, in order to make account security, binding the account with email and google-authenticator is necessary.

With complete verification, it can prove that you are a trusted vendor and attract more crypto trading.

  • Get ready for a vendor

When you want to create an offer and become a vendor, you need to make sure enough balance in your CoinCola wallet. It looks like a security deposit for you to post an offer. You also need to make sure enough coins in your wallet to trade.

  • Set a reasonable margin

Margin refers to the profit of every deal. It decides not only how much the vendor may earn, but also the rank of his new offer. Before creating an offer, it is best to visit the buy or sell pages to know the average margin of the available offers. This will give you an idea of how much margin you need to set. Make a competitive margin to ensure that your offers tend to a relatively reasonable range. As a result, your offer will be displayed on the front page. More retail traders will trade with you and bring more profits to you.

  • Make an honest deal

When newbies start the first crypto trading cautiously, they are afraid of being scammed. Retail traders tend to trade with trustworthy and reliable vendors. Do every honest deal will build a good impression for a vendor.

Besides, you need to keep online and react to trading deals quickly after posting an offer, so you will not miss any trading.

  • Maintain good relationship with retail traders

As a vendor, you need to build and maintain a good reputation and relationship with your fellow trader. Your fellow traders can add a “trusted” lab and make feedback for you, which is displayed on your offers. The more positive feedback you get, the higher rating score you will get. This score will reflect your history behavior and help other users to choose a vendor on CoinCola.

If you opt to be an honest vendor on CoinCola, learn from these links to learn how to post offers to trade crypto or buy gift cards.

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