Buy Bitcoin Instantly and at Lowest Cost

CoinCola is the world’s cheapest OTC crypto marketplace. Put more simply, it has the lowest trading and withdrawal fees in the industry – and here are the numbers to prove it.

If you’re a CoinCola user, withdrawing your money only costs 0.0005 BTC no matter how much BTC you’re taking out. Feces for other cryptocurrencies vary but are also low (often around $1.50 in fiat money).

In addition to this low fee, users can transfer up to 0.5 BTC, 10 ETH, 1000 USDT, as well as limited numbers of other cryptocurrencies for free inside CoinCola. This means that, a lot of the time, you can send money to other users completely free.

Here’s a fee comparison to illustrate the difference:

Withdrawal fee0.0005BTC1.49%Varies
Transaction fee (for seller advertisements)0.7%1.49%1%

As you can see, CoinCola really is the cheapest way to buy and sell crypto. Moreover, with over 100,000 monthly transactions, it’s one of the most reputable places to do so.

Below, we explain how you can use the platform to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cheap with step-by-step instructions.

How to Register With and Use CoinCola

Getting started with CoinCola is easy. The sign up and verification process takes just minutes; all you have to do is follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – Registering and Getting Verified

  • Click “sign up” and verify your mobile number by following the instructions on your screen.
  • Log into your CoinCola account and go to the “User Center” area – or the “Settings” section of your “Me” tab if you’re using a mobile app.

  • Depending on whether you’re using an app or the website, click “authentication” or “real name verified”.
  • Use the interface to upload your passport, driver’s license, or ID card.  
  • Wait for a message to tell you you’ve been verified.

At this point, you’re ready to move on to step 2: actually buying bitcoin on CoinCola.

Step 2 – Buying or Selling Bitcoin on CoinCola

Here’s how you actually buy bitcoin using CoinCola’s OTC platform:

  1. Go to the “OTC” section by clicking on the tab with that name.
  2. Choose a seller with a price you like and click buy BTC.

  1. Enter the amount of BTC you’d like to buy, or how much fiat money you’re selling.
  2. Read the ad, talk to the seller if necessary, and make the transfer or deposit.
  1. Click “mark as paid” and wait to receive your money.

Having done all of the above, you’ll have bought your very first bitcoin(s) using CoinCola.

Using CoinCola to buy crypto with no fees

CoinCola is the world’s cheapest OTC crypto marketplace, with fees for sellers averaging 0.7%. However, if you’re a buyer, you can completely avoid the platform’s fees and buy bitcoin for free.

A way to get the same deal (0%) as a seller is by waiting for CoinCola’s regular promotional offers, available locally and internationally. There’s no guarantee you’ll be eligible for one – but if you are, you’ll get to sell crypto with a 0% commission fee.

What other advantages does CoinCola have over other exchanges?

Unlike many other exchanges, CoinCola is backed by a real business registered in Hong Kong. This means that if anything should go wrong during a transaction, you’re protected by a registered organization that verifies its customers’ identities: an important advantage over many other crypto projects.

Another related advantage is CoinCola’s location in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is an Asian territory with a decidedly European history, the staff is experienced in dealing with international customers, large and small. This is different from exchanges that only focus on one area, like Coinbase does with the US.

Now that you know how to buy crypto from the cheapest OTC marketplace in the world, why not open an account there? Just follow this link to start buying crypto for cheap in just minutes.

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