Five Simple Ways To Get FREE Bitcoin

November 5, 2018


Five Simple Ways To Get FREE Bitcoin

One thing is certain; you should always be skeptical when you hear the words ‘free bitcoin’ coming from anyone. Just like money or any other asset, people don’t tend to give it away unless there’s something for them in return.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get your hands on bitcoin without working for it. We previously wrote how you can earn bitcoin by completing tasks or jobs, but here we have compiled a list of proven methods where you can receive bitcoin through intuitive methods.

1.Arbitrage Trading

We have to remember that bitcoin is not pegged (fixed to another asset like gold or to another currency), meaning there are no standard prices. This partly explains the volatility we see across markets.

With cryptocurrency markets spread across the world, there can be significant price differences. Profiting off of these differences is called arbitrage trading. It’s not as easy as finding the best prices, as you must take into consideration transaction, withdrawal and network fees in order for the trades to be profitable.

Integrated exchanges are ideal for arbitrage trading as you can streamline trades across markets and reduce network fees. CoinCola, for example, provides both an over-the-counter marketplace and a cryptocurrency exchange in one environment.

On the marketplace, bitcoin can be bought and sold in various fiat currencies, all of which reflect different bitcoin valuations. Or alternatively, you can compare bitcoin prices and other valuable cryptocurrencies on the official CoinCola exchange.

By migrating your cryptocurrency between these two exchanges, you can significantly reduce risk and increase efficiency. And with some of the lowest fees on the market, you can ensure prices are favourable to you.

2.Referral and affiliate programmes

Referral programmes are an incredibly easy and safe way to earn free bitcoin. Put simply, you are rewarded in bitcoin by advertising and promoting the business by simply referring friends or family.

As a newly established platform, CoinCola offers a well compensated referral programme for registered users. Signing up is completely free, and by inviting friends to start trading on the CoinCola platform, you will be rewarded by receiving commission on every OTC buy order your referral completes.

If you own a business or any platform of influence, it is also possible to earn affiliate rewards. By sharing links or other promotional material on websites, blogs, newsletters, social media, podcasts or any other outlets, there are various levels compensation packages available.

3.Interest payments

People, investors and businesses have been lending money for thousands of years. It represents a definitive way of putting your capital to work and earning a profit from the interest rates.

Now blockchain technology has permitted possibilities that were never thought possible. Through secure peer-to-peer lending platforms, we can borrow cryptocurrencies to boost our portfolio or lend to make a profit off of the interest. With minimum loans as low as BTC 0.01 and interest rates up to 30%, you can quickly earn a passive income.

But be aware that your capital is still at risk, and you want to ensure your borrowers are trustworthy. Most lending sites undertake verification procedures, however you also want to do your due diligence and confirm the authenticity of the site and seek any unbiased reviews.


Bitcoin faucets pay out what are known as Satoshi’s (100 millionth of a bitcoin) when you load and view ads or play certain games (with ad related content). Some sites, like Freebitco and, use faucets in order to draw traffic to their site. You aren’t going to get rich quick, but they provide an easy opportunity to get involved with cryptocurrencies without buying bitcoin.

The amount of bitcoin may be miniscule, but if you believe in the inherit value of bitcoin, then that value will increase dramatically over time. And what do you have to lose? You could spend that wasted time watching netflix by entering a faucet instead. Or better yet, do both at the same time!

5.Online Gaming

Considering the extremely high risks associated with online gaming, we don’t recommend it as a means of earning bitcoin. But there are certain platforms who will permit you to put your capital at risk and be paid out in bitcoin. Just like going to a casino or normal betting agency, there a the obvious risks involved when gambling any sort of currency or asset.

Here are the some of the most popular methods of earning bitcoin for free. And at this rate we can expect to see more opportunities as the growth of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin adoption expands around the world.

However you earn bitcoin, it’s imperative to have a safe place to store, manage and trade your assets. CoinCola provides fast, secure and easy-to-use trading services and offers the industry’s lowest fees, so why not sign up now? Registration is free!

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