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Buy bitcoins via Amazon Gift Card with United States Dollar (USD)

16696.99 USD
Trade limit:
25 - 25USD
Time of payment:
30 minutes

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Trade Guidelines

1. Please read and make sure you understand the trade terms before starting a trade.
2. Please communicate with your trade partner using the CoinCola Live Chat window and save your chat records.
3. Trading assets are under protection of the platform during a trade, If there is a transaction dispute, the platform can be requested to intervene. For details, please refer to "Help".
4. After a trade has started, digital assets are moved to a secure trade escrow. If you are a buyer, after starting a trade, please send payment via the agreed payment method and mark the transaction as sent. After the seller receives the payment and marks it as received, assets will be released from the escrow automatically. Please read the CoinCola terms of service and user guides in the Support section before trading.
5. Please be aware of any fraudulent activity and always check a trader's trade feedback before starting any trades.
6. In the event of dispute, CoinCola will evaluate all information provided before coming to a decision.

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Payment method
Trade limit

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Trade terms with luckgirl18:
This is a quick trade for cash payment receipt,If am not online or not reply you long time ,hit me up on WhatsApp +8618730988549
online trade steps:
1. Say hi, upload cash and wait for me to check
2. I will tell you to upload card if I accept
3. Your card and receipt provided must have the same serial numbers or I will refuse to honor the trade
4. Type code
5. Give me some time to check your code, i have several trades so please be patient

Accept only AQ cards no ecodes
Dont accept any other region cards other than US
Scanned, photoshopped images not accepted

-Warning :

Do not send me :

Already used cards
Invalid cards
Claim code locked
Wrong region cards

Trading considerations

Amazon gift cards purchased with savings cards and credit cards are not accepted! Purchased gift cards only accept Amazon cash receipt gift cards purchased from stores or supermarkets, you must purchase Amazon gift cards in cash!

1. Amazon cash receipts All alphanumeric must be very clear! (The blur of any letter or number will be rejected!)

2. All the letters and numbers on the back of the Amazon gift card must be very clear! (The blur of any letter or number will be rejected!)

3. I only accept the full photo of the receipt and the full photo of the gift card. This means that if the receipt/card you uploaded is not a complete photo/picture, especially if there is no receipt/card for the card serial number and store name, please cancel the transaction!

4. If the serial number on Amazon's cash receipt does not match the Amazon gift card, I will ask you to cancel the transaction!

5. Amazon cash receipt or Amazon gift card seems to have been modified, I will refuse to trade! (Although you have already sent a gift card,I will still refuse the transaction!)

6. All transactions that I will upload the card to the load card will be recorded. If your code is locked or invalid,Redeemed to another account, you will need to cancel the transaction!

7. When you send an Amazon gift card or receipt that violates the above terms or do not send an Amazon gift card, I will notify you to cancel the transaction and you should cancel the transaction!

After a successful transaction, you can't use the lost Amazon gift card as an excuse to contact customer service to report the loss! Otherwise I will report!

Note: There is no deception here, 100% honest trading! expect long term cooperation