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Buy bitcoins via Amazon Gift Card with United States Dollar (USD)

61892.32 USD
25 - 300USD
Payment window:
30 mins

How much do you want to buy?



1. Please confirm the price and amount before place this trade.
2. Please pay the seller in the payment window. After completed the payment, please click "I have paid". The seller will release the crypto to you after received payment. If you do not mark as paid in time, the trade will be automatically cancelled after timeout.
3.If you encounter trade dispute, you can open a dispute, the customer service will intervene to deal with it. For details, please see "Help".

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Terms of trade:
Follow the rules and it will let me release BTC faster
Otherwise I have the right not to endorse the deal

-I only accept claim codes that start with AQ 
-I will ask for the receipt first, please send it after I request.
-I will then ask for the card/codes, please send it after I request it. Do not send the card/codes first. Please do not send card/codes without my permission
-I only accept a full photo of the receipt and a full photo of the card. Which means if you upload a receipt/card which is not a full photo/image especially photos that do not reveal the serial number of your card and the name of the store, I'll request you to cancel the trade
-If the serial numbers on the receipt does not match with that on the card, I'll ask you to cancel trade. If the code on the the card is not clear and readable, I'll ask you to cancel trade.
-If your code is locked OR invalid, you'd need to cancel trade. If it's already redeemed, I will report you and you will be banned
-Receipt must show the card was paid for with CASH ONLY
-It must be purchased from a store.
-I do not accept receipts that print out from the computer 
-I will not accept scanned images, PhotoShop images, otherwise I will not assume any responsibility
-The number of cards purchased on your receipt must not exceed the number of cards and/or amount we are trading for.
-I only accept cards where the receipt shows paid within the last 24 hours
-I only accept cards that have barcode 
I have the right to reject all transactions that are too risky for me.
I am a professional trader, please don't waste your time if you are a scammer with a problematic card