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    • 1) How long does it take to receive crypto?
      The fiat provider will send your crypto once the payment has been completed. Most of the settlement is done on-chain and it takes between 10-30 minutes, depending on the network.
      You will receive your crypto once the payment is completed.
    • 2) Why do I need KYC for the fiat provider?
      The fiat provider handles your fiat to crypto transactions. Before making a transaction, you'll need to go through their onboarding and KYC processes.
      Important note: Purchases up to €900 in total do not require proof of identity.
    • 3) How can I check my order status?
      You can check your order status on the Mercuryo order page. Most of the settlements are done on-chain and should take up to 30 minutes, depending on the network.