Trading Bonus Voucher

For 0.001 BTC or up P2P trade
No Available Coupon
Claim Process
Claim Process
Receive bonus
Term and Conditions
1. Promotion is only valid to users who have not done ANY P2P trade before.
2. Users will receive a ONE TIME bonus of 0.0001 BTC instantly if an P2P trade of 0.001 BTC or more is conducted before the voucher expired.
3. The bonus will be sent to P2P wallet only. You can check the balance via Wallet -> P2P Account -> BTC -> History.
4. This campaign is for the non-China market. If you're intereted in the policy for Chinese market, switch to Chinese version to view the policy for China market.
5. CoinCola reserves the right to investigate any suspicion or inappropriate activities related to any coincola promotions, and to disable any inappropriate accounts at any given time.