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Best Place to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Colombia

February 19, 2019


Best Place to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Colombia

In the last 5 years, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has been getting a significant amount of traction in South America. Colombia specifically was ranked 7th in the world for its Bitcoin trade volume.   

Having said that, Columbian locals don’t have all the resources necessary to make cryptocurrency a payment method suitable for regular use. Some of the bigger concerns are online security and high commission fees.

Another major problem is that in approximately 35% of the Colombian adult population is considered “unbanked”. Furthermore, 79% of adults have no access to credit cards, which makes it impossible to carry out trades with online wallets linked to bank accounts.

To this end, we’d like to introduce the service that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin hassle-free – CoinCola.

Best Bitcoin Exchange in Colombia

As the most reliable over-the-counter marketplace for crypto exchange, CoinCola provides Colombian users with several key benefits.

Firstly, CoinCola is based entirely on peer-to-peer interactions. This means that users can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin in Colombia through people who already own digital currency. The major benefit of this system is that no limits can be placed on withdrawal amounts or transaction sizes, unlike most other crypto exchange platforms.

Secondly, the core OTC platform is free of charge. Regular trades don’t cost anything unless you complete them with the help of ad placements. If you choose to place ads in order to get traction from other users, the fee for this exchange will be 0.7% – the lowest number you will see on the market. Additionally, topping up your CoinCola wallet is also free.

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Colombia

When it comes to Bitcoin exchange, the process can get lengthy and complicated. If you live in Colombia in particular, you will need to go through numerous steps to prove your identity, as well as find a fast way to link the infrastructure to your bank account. Luckily, with CoinCola, you are just a few short steps away from buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Step 1: Register and Verify Account

1- Visit or within your browser.

2- Click “sign up” to create an account, verify your number, and log into CoinCola.

3- Go to the “user center” website section, or the “settings” tab in your “me” screen if you’re using the app.

4- Click “authentication” or “real name verified” depending on which version of the service you’re using.

5- Confirm your identity by uploading photographs and keying in your data.

6- Wait for confirmation.

Step 2: Buying and Selling Bitcoin in Colombia

1- Go to the “OTC” section of CoinCola.

2- Choose a seller and click  “buy BTC”.

3- Choose how much you’d like to buy or sell in Bitcoins.

4- Open the trade, talk to the seller, and complete payment once you have an agreement.

5- Click “mark as paid” and wait for your coins to get released.

How to Buy Bitcoins in Colombia

With PayPal

Over the last few years, buying Bitcoins with PayPal in Colombia has become increasingly difficult. This is because online scammers repeatedly purchased cryptocurrency with PayPal accounts, later falsely claiming that they hadn’t received anything. This resulted in many crypto exchange platforms shutting down the feature altogether.

With CoinCola, users can themselves decide on the payment method, such as PayPal or a credit card, the price of the Bitcoins, and the minimum purchase. This makes the platform one of the best and only ways to exchange Bitcoins in Colombia using a variety of payment methods.

With Credit Card or Debit Card

Buying Bitcoins with credit or debit cards has become easier over the years. However, the question of online security has become a concern. CoinCola uses bank-level encryption, cold storage, and SSL, all to keep your information safe. This means you can confidently use any payment method of choice.

Without ID

Buying Bitcoins in Colombia without an ID has numerous benefits. Due to the value of BTC, many people who exchange cryptocurrencies online become victims of cyber criminals. Using CoinCola will allow you to buy and sell crypto anonymously. This means you won’t need to expose your identity or go through a long verification process.

Final Words

Finding a reliable, hassle-free way to buy and sell Bitcoins in Colombia can be difficult. However, with CoinCola, you are just a few steps away from making trades of a lifetime. Let us know below what you’re planning to do next!

About CoinCola

Founded in 2016, CoinCola is a Hong Kong based company offering both over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading and crypto-to-crypto pair trading exchange. CoinCola now serves millions of users from over 150 countries with our fast, secure, and reliable trading services. We support BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USDT, DASH, and XRP. Visit for more information.  

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