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Best Way to Sell iTunes Gift Card with Most Value

Looking to sell an iTunes gift card you bought or received as a gift? Then you’re in the right place.

Although the rates you get when selling gift cards online can be disappointing – as small as 50% of face value – you can get a fair price and even make a profit if you know how.

To that end, this article will serve as a simple, 3-step guide for selling iTunes gift cards for the best price possible. To begin with…

  1. Understand that not all gift card websites are created equal

Not all gift card websites are created equal. However, we can broadly separate them into three different categories.

First, there are websites that directly buy your gift card. These form a small minority – and usually charge a high commission fee in exchange for cashing in your card. Although you can cash in gift cards instantly there, they’re best left for desperate times.

Second, there are Nigerian marketplaces where users located in the country buy and sell gift cards. These tend to be fast, offer superior exchange rates, and allow for rapid payouts via bank wires and mobile wallet services.

The downside to local services is that the pool of traders is (very) limited. This means that rates aren’t as good as they could be – and that a lot of the time, you can’t find a second party for the specific trade you want.

Last but not least are international marketplaces. These are the best possible choice for two reasons. First, they have the same traders that local websites have. You can still get paid in Naira, find a local trading partner, etc.

The difference is that with an international website, there’s a lot more choice in terms of trading partners. This means better rates, being able to buy and sell at any time of the day, etc.

Another advantage to international websites is that…


  1. Buyers from abroad are often ready to pay a premium

An iTunes gift card is a pedestrian in many parts of the world. In countries like England and the US, they’re even available for purchase at gas stations, supermarket counters, etc.

However, it’s important to remember that in many countries iTunes are wholly inaccessible and even illegal. For example, Chinese consumers don’t have access to them at all since iTunes isn’t available in their country!

At the same time, iTunes is so popular that some people in countries like China are prepared to pay a premium to get their gift cards. This creates a potential for profit if you’re trying to sell a gift card. Here’s why.

Most of the time, selling a gift card means settling for a price lower than the card’s face value. However, when you’re trading with sellers from countries like China and Kazakhstan, you may get a fair price – and even get more than the card’s face value.

CoinCola has a big pool of buyers who are willing to take your gift cards for the best rate!

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This means that it’s important to find a marketplace with a strong international network of buyers and sellers. This feature will help make sure you get the highest prices possible due to a large number of underserved buyers and high competition between sellers.

Last but not least…


  1. Look for websites with small commission fees

It doesn’t matter how profitable your iTunes gift card trade is if commission fees eat up a sizable chunk of your proceeds. To that end, it’s very important you find a marketplace with low commission fees that don’t turn profits into losses.

One website you may want to consider is our service: CoinCola.

We charge traders who post ads 0.7% per trade. Meanwhile, users who respond to ads don’t have to pay anything. This means that whatever money you make is yours with minimal commission.

To learn more about CoinCola and how it can help you trade iTunes gift cards profitably, please check out our website: CoinCola.com.

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