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11991.41 USD
400 - 400 USD
Payment method:
Time of payment:
30 minutes
TERMS AND CONDITIONS PLEASE PAY VERY ATTENTION YOU MUST COMPLY WITH THE PURCHASE CONDITIONS. * IF YOU PAY AFTER 6:30 PM LOCAL TIME YOU SHOULD WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT DAY 9 AM. * IF YOU DO NOT PAY THE AMOUNT OFFERED, DO NOT RECEIVE IT. * THE PRICE DOES NOT DEPEND ON MY NOR THE PAGE IS A VOLATILE MARKET * DO NOT MARK PAID THE TRADE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RECEIPT IMMEDIATELY WILL BE BLOCKED AND REPORTED TO THE ADMIN DE COINCOLA. THE PERSON THAT OFFERS AND DOES NOT PAY WILL BLOCK IT IMMEDIATELY. Fast btc The buyer assumes the cost of the shipment. Do not start trading if you can not make the payment within the next 45 MINUTEs. Please send: full name of the depositor country and city where you send. reference receipt code clear photo of the receipt of payment When opening the negotiation I will answer any question instantly. I confirm the transaction btc libero 100% safe fast and reliable. Please, if you are really interested and see that you can follow my conditions, open the trade, otherwise we will lose time and will be negatively qualified. If you require more bitcoin please inform

How much do you want to trade?

The order amount ranges from 400 - 400
Trade guidelines

Trade guidelines

1. Please read and make sure you understand the trade terms before starting a trade.
2. Please communicate with your trade partner using the CoinCola Live Chat window and save your chat records.
3. If you encounter any problems during a trade, you can raise a dispute.
4. After a trade has started, digital assets are moved to a secure trade escrow. If you are a buyer, after starting a trade, please send payment via the agreed payment method and mark the transaction as sent. After the seller receives the payment and marks it as received, assets will be released from the escrow automatically. Please read the CoinCola terms of service and user guides in the Support section before trading.
5. Please be aware of any fraudulent activity and always check a trader's trade feedback before starting any trades.
6. In the event of dispute, CoinCola will evaluate all information provided before coming to a decision.

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