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14587.81 USD
50 - 100 USD
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Time of payment:
30 minutes
Don't send anything until you have a deal. The physical card that does not show amount needs to have receipt, or handwritten amount can accept!! Welcome, it's just an itunes gift card for bitcoin. This offer is for iTunes gift CARDS only.Not apple's music card * * * * * * and 10-100 CARDS * * * * * * * * * * * * * You need to have clear and readable photo(s) of your Itunes card ready. Here are few steps to make a quick trade with me, 1) Open a trade with the exact amount of iTUNES card you have(I only accept 10-100 USD denominations) 2) pleaseTell me card face value . such as :100x1、50x2 ,25x4,and i say upload pic ,then you Upload clear photo of cards 3)Please note that we only accept the physical card picture, do not accept the ecode and code. 4)when I was checking the code is correct, I will in the first time release BTC to complete the transaction, time is generally 5-10 minutes, if encounter more pen transactions may be delayed for 30 minutes, as long as you code is right, do not worry about any problems, you are sure to receive my BTC 5)Because your cards/Codes, leading to my apple account blocked.or limited to buy items.I will not release bitcoins. 6)If there is any issues about your cards/Codes, like been redeemed, not activated, problems of usage, I will not release bitcoins. 7)If your cards/Codes is 101-5000USD, I will not release bitcoins. 8) if you have more hope that the long-term cooperation, you can contact me, I will give you a beautiful price, perhaps offer will not is the highest, but it is certainly worth your long-term trusted perfect partner 9) If your card says unactivated, already redeemed or code locked, then i will ask you to upload the reciept with username and trade id written on it. IF YOU AGREE TO MY TRADE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, THEN ONLY START NEW TRADES WITH ME. I NEED ONLY TRUSTWORTHY BUYERS, TO TRADE WITH ME.

How much do you want to trade?

The order amount ranges from 50 - 100
Trade guidelines

Trade guidelines

1. Please read and make sure you understand the trade terms before starting a trade.
2. Please communicate with your trade partner using the CoinCola Live Chat window and save your chat records.
3. If you encounter any problems during a trade, you can raise a dispute.
4. After a trade has started, digital assets are moved to a secure trade escrow. If you are a buyer, after starting a trade, please send payment via the agreed payment method and mark the transaction as sent. After the seller receives the payment and marks it as received, assets will be released from the escrow automatically. Please read the CoinCola terms of service and user guides in the Support section before trading.
5. Please be aware of any fraudulent activity and always check a trader's trade feedback before starting any trades.
6. In the event of dispute, CoinCola will evaluate all information provided before coming to a decision.

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