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If you only want to trade once, we recommend that you place an order directly from the list of buy and sell advertisements. If you are a frequent trader, you can post your own trade advertisements.
It is free to post an advertisement on CoinCola.
A minimun balance of 1.0 LTC is required for your advertisement to be displayed.
There will be a 0.7% transaction fee applied on every successful trade.
You must provide detailed payment information in your advertisement or during trade chat. Once a trade has started, the trading price of your bitcoin will be locked unless there is an obvious error.
All communication must be carried out on CoinCola. Please be wary of any fraudulent activity.

Trade type
Select advert type: What type of advertisement do you want to create? If you want to sell LTC, please confirm you meet the minimum account balance in your CoinCola wallet.
Location: Please select the country you want to trade in.
Currency: Please choose the currency you want to trade with.
Margin:Choose a value between -50.00 to 50.00. The trade price is equal to reference price * (1 + margin).
Reference price: - CNY/LTC
Price:The trade price will be updated every 10 minutes based on the reference price and margin rate.
This trade price is currently ranked -
Minimum price:Set a minimum price to avoid falling below a specific price point. If your trade price falls below the minimum price you set, the displayed trade price will remain at the minimum price.
*Minimum transaction limit:Minimum amount per trade
Minimun Limit cannot be more than or equal to Maximum Limit, and greater than 50
*Maximum transaction limit:Maximum amount per trade
Maximum Limit can not be less than or equal to Minimum Limit
Payment methods:Select up to a maximum of three payment methods.
Terms of trade:
Please enter less than 4096 words
Verified traders only:By turning this option on, your advert will only be displayed to traders who have completed identity verification.
Trusted users only:By turning this option on, your advert will only be displayed to traders who you have marked as 'trusted'.
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