USDT will be traded on February 27, the first month of opening limited to 500 free trading fee places! Users can submit applications in 2018.2.27 - 2018.3.1 to meet the application conditions of users can enjoy the USDT transaction during 2018.2.27 - 2018.3.31 zero fee!
Application conditions one
Countdown 00 H 00 Min 00 S
Seize the transaction zero fee quota, limited 500, come on
For example: support for CoinCola, fight CoinCola’s USDT transaction first person
CoinCola's customer service - Linda, professional warm, very good
Trade in CoinCola some times, safe and reliable, hey, not bad
Application conditions two
2.27 - 3.1, recharge 100 USDT to the wallet
Application conditions three
2.27 - 3.1, successfully involved in the USDT transaction
Activity Details
1, The limit of 500 places, to seize the time: 2018.2.27 00:00 - 2018.3.1 23:59 (GMT +8 TIME), while stocks last.
2, The first month on the line, that is, 2018.2.27 00:00 - 2018.3.31 23:59 (GMT +8 TIME) during normal transaction fee charged by April 15 and then returned to the wallet fee. First deal, after the return.
3, Users need to seize a limited number of 500 places, and to meet all application conditions, can enjoy the benefits.
4, For rebates involving transactions, will be deducted rebate commission, and then return to the remaining fees.
5, Fraud, fraudulent users will cancel the event qualifications.
6, CoinCola has the final power of interpretation of this event.