CoinCola’s translation bounty

November 16, 2018


CoinCola’s translation bounty


We are looking for translations in the following languages:

  1. Russian
  2. Portuguese

CoinCola is offering US$50 per 1,000 words translated (Paid in USDT or BTC)



  1. Translations need to be proper in grammar and vocabulary.
  2. Translations must be original, no Google translate. If we will find that the text is translated with the help of automated translation tools, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made.
  3. If there will be a lot of mistakes in translation, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made
  4. Once a translator has been approved for translation, they will be assigned an article in their language and this will be reserved for them to return the completed translation within 72 hours, after which the article will be re-opened for other translators to bid for, and the failed/lapsed translator will be recorded as failed/lapsed.
  5. Translators will be remunerated in line with the monthly payment schedule, via USDT/BTC deposits in their associated CoinCola accounts, paid in arrears to the value of all translations successfully completed in the previous billing cycle.