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Buy bitcoins via Google Play Gift Card with United States Dollar (USD)

18796.23 USD
Trade limit:
10 - 164USD
Time of payment:
30 minutes

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Trade Guidelines

1. Please read and make sure you understand the trade terms before starting a trade.
2. Please communicate with your trade partner using the CoinCola Live Chat window and save your chat records.
3. Trading assets are under protection of the platform during a trade, If there is a transaction dispute, the platform can be requested to intervene. For details, please refer to "Help".
4. After a trade has started, digital assets are moved to a secure trade escrow. If you are a buyer, after starting a trade, please send payment via the agreed payment method and mark the transaction as sent. After the seller receives the payment and marks it as received, assets will be released from the escrow automatically. Please read the CoinCola terms of service and user guides in the Support section before trading.
5. Please be aware of any fraudulent activity and always check a trader's trade feedback before starting any trades.
6. In the event of dispute, CoinCola will evaluate all information provided before coming to a decision.

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Trade limit

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Trade terms with salesmoinv:
Please be an honest and fair trader, any attempt of fraud will be instantly reported. We will not pay for redeemed or invalid cards so please before we go into the trade process make sure that your cards are valid. We accept only physical US Google Gift Cards, so make sure that you have correct cards. Also, you will have to provide us with a photo of your entire card and entire receipt and type the code in chat after you upload photos. The photos have to be 100% clear and readable and contain an entire card and entire receipt. Only after we request you to send the photo, you upload a photo of the entire card. Any fake or tempered photo will be rejected immediately.

WARNING: If you have multiple cards, do not send all cards at once. Send the first card, and wait for us to ask for the second card, etc.

If your cards meet our requirements follow the next steps and lets trade:

1. Check if your US Google Gift Cards meet our requirements
2. Prepare a clear and full photo of your US Google Gift Card and receipt and write down the code on your notepad
3. Say hello and wait for our response. Please be kind and patient in conversation.
4. Only after we agree to proceed with trade and ask you for photos, upload photos of the entire card and entire receipt and type the code in chat
5. Wait for us to redeem your card, which we will do immediately
6. If everything is in the order and card is valid we will release Bitcoins
7. If you are satisfied with our service, leave us positive feedback and we will do the same
8. Have fun!

NOTE: Do not send a photo of the card before we agree to trade and ask you to send a photo. If your card is invalid or has any problem you will have to provide an invoice and redemption details. If we are performing another trade, please have patience and wait for us to finish and respond to you.

NOTE: Since lots of traders are working from the phone or on a bad internet connection, we will not at the start ask you to upload a photo of your receipt, but you need to have a clear receipt photo prepared in case of any problems. If we ask you to provide a clear photo of the receipt, you will need to do so. If you do not provide this if asked, we consider that you broke our trade agreement and we will not be responsible or obligated to release BTC to you.

Thank you for your time, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!