Announcement about supporting BSV withdrawal service
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Announcement about supporting BSV withdrawal service

3 months ago

Dear users,
To provide a better experience and service, CoinCola starts supporting withdrawal service of BSV from Apr 17, 2019. 
Users who receive BSV after the hard fork of BCH, can log in and submit BSV wallet address to withdraw the BSV in 7 days after this announcement. CoinCola will release the BSV to your wallet in 24 hours, first come first serve.
The flows to withdraw BSV from CoinCola.
Log in CoinCola
Go to asset management
Go to OTC wallet
Check the BSV
Submit your own BSV wallet address
Withdrawal amount less than the mining fee (0.001 BSV) is not accepted.

Please make sure you submit the correct wallet address. The withdrawal is not reversible.
Contact us through the webpage or App for more answer and support.

Please contact the customer support in help desk through website or App if you have any questions. CoinCola provides reliable and the best service as always.