Notice of enabling alternate domain name of CoinCola

Notice of enabling alternate domain name of CoinCola

8 months ago

Dear CoinCola user:

In the afternoon of September 13th, thanks to the users’feedback and backend monitoring, we found that Coincola’s official website couldn’t be accessed normally, so did part of the iOS Apps.In order to provide sustainable and smooth website service, we determined to enable the alternate domain names in no time. Welcome to visit and bookmark it. The original domain name can be accessed via overseas lines. Android App can be used normally without being affected. IPhone users can login the App by copying the following link to the browser and re-download.
Download link :

Please forgive us for bring you the inconvenience. CoinCola will continue to serve you wholeheartedly and guarantee the security of your assets and accounts on the platform with no efforts.

Please pay attention to the information on our official website’s information( ) .If there is any update afterwards ,it will be released through this channels real-time. You can also join in CoinCola official community to obtain more information.
Community 1:
Community 2:

Kindly reminder:
please confirm the addresses you access to are and , watch out the fishing website fraud risk. It will be appreciated if you found and reported the abnormal situation to us instantly, the report email address to [email protected]

CoinCola team
September 14th, 2018