Notice of launching USDT on 28 February
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Notice of launching USDT on 28 February

over 1 year ago

CoinCola will launch the USDT trading area on 28 February, and will open the USDT recharging service.


The registration on CoinCola is free of charge, and you will automatically get attributed a free online USDT wallet. 

Buying USDT from CoinCola is completely free of charge.The site only takes a commission of 0.7% from the sellers. During the activity(2018.2.27-3.31),the transaction fee is 0.3%.And it will be deducted from your CoinCola wallet right after your transaction is sent.

The minimum deposit transfer amount of USDT is 100USDT, the minimum transfer amount is 200USDT, the network fee is 10USDT, and minimum requirement for advertising is 300USDT.

To ensure a reliable transfer speed, network transfer fees will be adjusted in real time according to the network congestion.

Risk Warning

The USDT is issued by Tether company. It may be unable to exchange us dollars for the reasons such as over-issuance, bankruptcy and policy risk, etc., resulting in the difficulty of redemption and price decline. Investors must be careful to control risks and invest carefully.