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CoinCola Stress Relief Package
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1. The offer is made at a base rate of 0.7%. CoinCola will adjust the package according to market dynamics in order to provide users with high-quality trading experience.
2. Continue to enjoy package discounts for 30 days after purchasing the package. If you buy the package at 10:00 on April 30st, you can enjoy a discount package from the instant until May 30st at 23:59. Only China market trading support package discount equity.
3. In activity 2, the package is not refundable. After the successful deduction of USDT, the purchase of the package will be successful, and the transaction will be calculated on a discount basis. At the same time, you could view deduction on the “OTC account - USDT – Details - Activity consumption” on the wallet.
4. CoinCola has the final right to interpret this activity.